Survival Rules

Jul 20, 2017
Survival Rules
  • .It is important for you to know the rules because we want you to play here. We want you to know what is expected of you, and what will not be tolerated. It's all really common sense stuff, and while you expect us to treat you fairly, we expect you to know the following rules and guidelines...

    Summary of the rules:
    This is not the complete set of rules. Read below for all the rules.
    • Don't Grief or Trespass.
    • Don't steal
    • Don't Cheat (Some Modifications are allowed, just ask first.)
    • Don't bypass the afk kick
    • Chat Behavior. -- Keep it mature and proper. Spam and Insults are not welcome.
    • Conflicts -- Solve them yourself. Try not to get staff involved.
    • PvP -- PvP is limited to special areas and event locations.
    • Respect Others -- Staff will punish you if you don't.
    • Building Space -- Leave plenty of space between you and your neighbor.
    • No alt-accounts -- We have only found them being used to AFK farm and bypass systems.

    Pretend to be mature. Attempt to be responsible.

    Please note: We have Moderators, Administrators, and Overseers. These are the people who enforce the rules. Do not attempt to enforce the rules for us or to "take the law into your own hands" - it just makes it harder for us to know who to punish - and how much.

    1. No Griefing. -- The act of causing a unwanted change in a property .
    Griefing, as used here, is the act of placing blocks, removing blocks, adding water or lava, or starting fires, intentionally or unintentionally causing grief among the other users of the server. This means that breaking even just one glass block in a window and walking in on foreign property is, in fact griefing. Yes, you may be jailed or banned for this. “Lol, it was just one block!” is not an excuse. Just don’t. Simple rule of thumb, "If it is not yours, don't touch it." The nether is an Anarchy Zone. You can grief whatever you find there.

    If you do grief and you are found (which you will be) you will face punishment of jail or ban depending on the extent of the grief, you do not need to grief so don't, or you will face the consequences.

    2. No Trespassing. -- The act of entering a property with out permission.
    All areas of the server which are marked by indications of habitation are considered the property of the Builder. This includes houses, all areas within a fence or wall, and areas which are bounded by obvious markers such as one-block walls or three-block pillars. “I was just exploring!” is not a defense if you are caught wandering around in other people’s areas without permission. Unless CLEARLY marked otherwise, such as “Anyone welcome” or “Come on in,” every area except spawn, and the Market, or server event areas should be considered, “No Trespassing.” The nether is an Anarchy Zone. You can trespass your brains out.

    3. No Stealing.
    Stealing consists of taking items or blocks from another person or another person’s property. This includes items dropped during accidental or defensive PVP encounters, or not giving items that have been paid for. The nether is an Anarchy Zone. You can steal every block or dropping you find.

    4. Hacks & Client Side Code. Exploiting game bugs -- No cheating client modifications are allowed!
    Client side code which changes the way the game works for your character, such as no-clipping, flight, healing, invulnerability, transparency textures or futuristic diamond radar type stuff (basically xraying), is not allowed. There is no “testing,” “playing,” or “seeing if it works.” The use of any of these tools will result in a permanent ban. We don’t do it. You don’t get to do it, either. Not sure if a mod is allowed? Ask in-game before installing.

    Fishing bots also fall under this rule. Fishing bots tend to devalue items and just breaks the spirit of the game. Anyone caught doing this will be teleported to spawn. If needed, further consequences will follow.

    AFK Machines - The act of using machines/contraptions to bypass anti-afk kick.
    Using AFK machines is also against the rules. These include but are not limited to water over fences, water current loops, and redstone machines. If caught using one you will be /spawned and written up with a warning, and will be punished further if found using one again.

    5. Chat Behavior. -- Profanity is tolerated. Spam, abuse, insults and harassment of other players is not.
    Profanity is allowed in this server, racial slurs and crass or vulgar comments/responses aren't. Repeated abuse, insults & harassment of other players is not allowed. You may joke with a friend, but don't take it too far, and leave family and other users out of it. If someone tells you to knock it off, chances are good that have taken it too far. Remember that not everyone will or should be expected to tolerate your "in-jokes".

    Do not spam the channel with garbage, ads, repeated requests or nonsense. Spammers can be banned without warning, celebration or mourning. Keep caps use to a minimum. Global chat has a LOT of people in it most of the time, and you SAYING THINGS LIKE THIS is more likely to irritate others than to get your point across.

    Advertising - The act of saying IP's or names of other minecraft servers.
    Advertising is strictly prohibited here. Advertising can even consist of saying the name of other servers, so don't do it.
    6. Conflict Resolution. -- Solve your own conflicts in private not in the public chat.
    Resolve your own conflicts. Do it quickly and with compassion for the other user. You do not want the staff to have to step in and resolve them for you. You do not want to rant and rail about how someone did something to you. If a user violates a rule, simply report this to staff, and we’ll handle it. Additional profanity or conflict on your part is not necessary. If a staff Member tells you to drop a particular subject. It's best to listen and do so. Continuing to speak about it /ignoring the staff Member could lead to further punishment.

    7. PvP -- PvP is limited to special areas and event locations. Don't PvP anywhere else.
    PvP is disabled on the overworld except in places where PvP is allowed as a sport or clearly mentioned on a region. However, PvP does include splash potions, so don't try to circumvent the rules. Click here for more detailed information: Limited PvP

    Things to keep in mind when PvPing:

    Fleeing from PvP - The act of using tp commands/logging out to escape death.
    Fleeing from PvP is perfectly normal if you find yourself outmatched, but this comes with limitations. If you find yourself on the verge of losing, you are not allowed to use /spawn or any other form of teleportation command to escape combat. This also includes logging out in the middle of the battle. Logging out during PvP or trying to escape via a teleportation command will result in punishment, depending on the severity.

    Spawncamping - The act of puppyguarding a PvP safezone for the sole purpose of unfair PvP advantage.
    This involves the act of hanging around a PvP zone for the sole purpose of attacking anyone who enters it. This is considered very unprofessional in PvP, as everyone needs to be in a fair fight. Attacking a player followed by entering a safe zone, with no chance of the victim fighting back also constitutes Spawncamping. Either action is considered an offense, and won't be tolerated if reported.

    Basically? Fight with honor, and fight on fair grounds without resorting to cheap tactics such as those that are listed above.

    8. Staff. -- Always treat the staff with respect they are here to help you. staff consists of a group of Overseers who monitor and mentor Administrators who in turn have teams of Volunteers and Moderators who generally do a lot of work on the server to help you, the player. All staff are tasked with certain responsibilities, to generally assist other users and guests with questions and gameplay issues. Overseers make policy and set rules, Administrators make sure these new changes and policies go into effect smoothly. Moderators act like the police of the system and Volunteers act as a helping hand for new players. All staff can help with any questions you may have in game, so don't be afraid to ask! If you are told to do something, or not to do something, by any Member of the staff, you must follow their instructions. If you mess with the staff, you will be banned. Begging staff to spawn items, jail you, entertain you or give you free stuff is grounds for dismissal from your connection to our server. ...and, possibly, any future connections.

    9. Impersonating staff.
    Impersonating staff is the process of pretending to be staff Member. Either through changing your name to be similar to a staff. Or telling players in game that you're staff - When you're clearly not. This just adds un-needed confusion to newer players who may be trying to seek help on a particular issue. Players found to be doing this shall be punished accordingly.

    10. I was Banned!?!?
    If you have been banned from the server by a Moderator, you may feel free to request a removal of the ban on the server’s forum. Ensure that your removal request includes your username, what you were banned for doing, why it was wrong, and why you’ll never do it again. The admin staff will review your request and consider removal from the ban list. Consider, however, that the content of your forum post is also considered. If you rail and rant and scream about how some mod DARED to ban you, we will likely uphold that mod’s decision regardless of other mitigating circumstances. If you were banned by an Overseer/Admin, feel free to make a personal plea to Natbyte via the same forum, as it is his server. Alternatively you are free to ask another Admin as well. Good luck.

    11. Selling In-Game Currency for Real Life Currency and Vice-versa.
    It is never okay to sell your in-game money for real life money be it with Paypal or anything else. Everyone needs to earn their money equally. If we find out that you are selling game money and/or buying game money then you will be punished accordingly.

    12. Problems with staff? -- Complain in the right place.
    If you feel that any staff Member is abusing their power don't rant about it in the public chat or forums. All complaints belong in the Complaints forum

    13. Building Space.
    The rule for regioning is to make your build/region at least 5 blocks away from existing builds/regions. If someone builds more than 5 blocks away from you staff will not move them. A good way to avoid this issue is to build far away from spawn.

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