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Nov 25, 2016
Choose A Minecraft Server
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    Choosing a MinecraftServer:

    First of all, from all of the staff here at, welcome! Thank you for choosing our servers to play on. Here at, we offer a number of different servers for your minecraft playing enjoyment. Currently, there are two public servers available for you to choose from. They are the Survival server and the Creative server! Check them all out today! We look forward to seeing you, and once again, welcome!

    Survival Server
    The Survival server is a traditional Minecraft experience coupled with fun and helpful plugins to keep you happy and safe. Some of the fun plugins we offer on the survival server include Stargates, Chestshops, iConomy, and many more. The server also now features McMMO, which allows you to hone your skills and level up in specific areas.Make sure to check out the events that we hold on a regular basis.These include ModHunts, where the players all get together to try to find and kill the staff members. There are also several PvP, PvE, and miscellaneous events being run on the server all the time! Please be aware that on, the safety of your buildings and items are a top priority. This is why we have a host of plugins designed to protect all of your goods and stop griefers, thieves, cheaters, and hackers in their tracks! On the survival server, PvP is generally NOT allowed except for in special areas and when agreed upon by both parties. If this type of server sounds like the place for you, check it out!

    -Server IP:
    -Minecraft Version: 1.10
    -Game Mode: Survival (Hard)
    -Whitelist: None!

    Creative Server
    The creative server owns up to its title: 100% creative building. Show off your creativity to the server and participate in building events hosted every week! The server offers you three massive plots of your own to build whatever you couldn't build on survival or PvP - with the added bonus of our awesome community along side you! There are currently two ranks to choose from on creative, which are builder and constructor. Build as you please with either rank - signing up for constructor is not 100% necessary, but is highly recommended if you wish to tpa to other players, use the assistance of world edit, and several other features of Constructor. Build anything you desire, it's entirely up to you! If creative mode appeals to you, and you wish to show your true skill of architecture, then this server is right for you!

    -Server IP:, or type /server creative from a server.
    -Minecraft Version: 1.9
    -Game Mode: Creative

    -Whitelist: None!

    Other Servers: Skyblock (
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