Survival Wilderness Survival 1.13.1 Ongoing Updates October

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    Wilderness Minecraft Survival Server
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    October 29th 2018

    - Updated Spigot to build 1930
    - Updated to Server to Minecraft Version 1.13.2

    October 23th 2018

    - Updated Spigot to build 1915

    October 13th 2018

    - Updated Spigot to build 1911
    - /pioneers command now also shows the ranks requirements.

    October 11th 2018

    - Server will automatically restart at 4.00am GMT everyday.

    October 7th 2018

    - Updated Spigot to build 1909
    - Phantom behavior adjusted (see below for details)

    Normally, phantoms spawn above players who have had three or more Minecraft days of not sleeping. After the phantom spawns, when the player uses a bed or is killed, phantoms will continue to haunt the same player until they cannot find the player, in which case they will move on to assault any other player regardless of if they rested.

    In single player, the above is not a problem since the player can skip the night and let the sun kill off the phantoms. However, that's not the case for multiplayer servers where players have to endure phantom attacks until the next sunrise.

    Phantoms will now ignore players who used the bed within last three Minecraft days. Phantoms will ignore players who uses the bed or is killed. Phantoms now de-spawn when they try to target the rested player.

    October 6th 2018
    - Updated Spigot to build 1908

    October 2nd 2018
    - Updated Spigot to build 1902
    - Server Hardware Updated

    I have decided to move the Wilderness Survival server onto an improved hardware platform, the new server includes Solid State Drives (SSDs) gone are the old mechanical hard drives. Along with a welcome return to an i7 CPU, as Minecraft is a single threaded application, it is more suited to an i7 as opposed to the Xeon CPU previously used.

    Specs are:

    CPU: Intel Core i7-4770
    HDD: 2 x SSD SATA 256 GB
    Memory: 32GB DDR3

    I have updated DNS to point to the servers new IP address.
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