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    Basic Commands:

    /afk - sets you to be away form keyboard.

    /blockinfo - Shows block information including it's real name.

    /compass [sourceName] (targetName) (x) (z) (worldname) (-s) - Sets compass target to location or specific location on map.

    /ping - shows your current ping in milliseconds.

    /msg - sends a message to another player.

    /chat [playerName/off] - enables persistent chat mode where you can write public messages and they will be sent only to defined player.

    /checkexp (playerName) - Checks players exp level with no name specified shows your own experience level.

    /helpop [message] - sends message to help channel and any player who can give help will see that message.

    /ignore (playerName/uuid/all) - add/remove player to ignore list.

    /iteminfo - shows item in hand information.

    /lastonline [timeRange/list/stop] [page] - shows list of last online players from time range. Excludes currently online players.

    /list - Shows list of online.

    /near (distance) - shows players near you.

    /msgtoggle (playerName) - Toggles private messages on and off.

    /playtime (playerName) - shows players playtime.

    /playtimetop - shows top list sorted by players play time.

    /pos (playerName) - prints current position including chunk and world region coordinates, light level and appropriate nether world coordinates mouse over info in chat.

    /recipe (itemName) - Shows recipe for item by provided name or from players hand. Option to click on any item in recipe GUI to check its recipe.

    /delhome (homeName) - removes home from player by defined name.

    /reply or /r [message] - reply to last player who messaged you.

    /seen [playerName/uuid] - shows last time player was seen.

    (homeName) - sets home location for you or target player, if name not defined then home is used by default.

    /sit - sit down where you standing.

    /tps - shows current server Ticks Per Second.

    /whowas [playerName] - shows players previous names.

    /dispose - easily dispose of your unwanted items.

    /me [message] - sends broadcast type message for emotes.

    /suicide - Allows you to kill yourself.

    Remember a lot of commands now support mouse over, for example if you type /home it will list your homes, you can click on the home name on the screen and be teleported!

    Trade Commands:

    /trade - Shows all possible trade commands and information.

    /trade [playername] - Sends trade offer to specified player.

    /trade accept - Accept currently pending trade request or click Accept on the screen.

    /trade deny - Refuses a players trade request.

    /trade block [playername] - Blocks trade requests from player (per user).

    /trade toggle - Toggles global trade accepts (per user).
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