When You Have Teleports On Cooldown You Can ...

Discussion in 'News / Server Information' started by Dzyriq, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Most of you have noticed that there is a 10 min cool down on most teleports.
    Lets not forget what options you have to travel faster:
    1. Use Elytra with rockets.
    2. Use A boat ,
    3. Breed a fast horse.
    4. Use the Nether highway
    Here is a guide on how to use the nether highway. Thanks Baerbros for the video.
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    Nice !
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    I'm going to be honest here, while the nether highway is a nice way to quickly find unclaimed land, it's just boring and tedious to use when you have to move things from one place to another or want to join another player. I don't exactly see the need for a cooldown, it makes the game move much slower. Slower isn't more challenging, just more boring. I am enjoying the new map, but I do think this needs to be addressed, even further reducing the cooldown would help dramatically. maybe down to a minute or 2?

    It's also pretty unfriendly to new players, I imagine people are reluctant to just go back to spawn to help a new player when they have to putter around spawn for ten minutes or use /sw (which, as I said, is itself a bit tedious)
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    i dont feel that way as it is a hard server you have to be organized, dont just be lazy and say oh well, ill go back and get it if i forget something, you have to be prepared, i like the cooldown most of the time as it slows the gameplay down and if your going to enchant one item at spawn or something you have to do something else as well, this could make the map stay for longer, just my opinion

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