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    We have all waited for a way to communicate to other players on the server for a while now, and finally the day has come! Staff have put together a Teamspeak 3 server for the MCS community to talk and play together! Teamspeak allows players to talk to each other and join different channels for different conversations.


    Steps on how to join the teamspeak server
    1) First thing you need is to download the Teamspeak 3 Client. A link to download it can be found HERE
    2) Once downloaded, follow the installation steps until everything is set up the way you like
    3) Next, click Connections on the top left of the screen
    4) Click Connect (or Ctrl + S) and type in for the ip of the server. Where it says username, type in your minecraft username. There is no password for the server.
    5) Click Connect and you will be connected to the server.
    6) Ask any staff in game to promote you to be able to talk and chat
    7) Connect anytime you want by repeating steps 3-5
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    Wonder how this will turn out after what happened with MCS Discord.
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    I'm more confused on why we're not using the Discord instead. Teamspeak isn't exactly new user friendly in terms of layout and it usually requires someone to buy or host a chat server for it. Both of which Discord provides well. An easy to learn layout and a free, simple server setup.
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