Survival Mcs Is Now Blackreaver

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    Into Imagination, Unto Creation

    (As the machine struck with the nova, I could feel the entirety of existence place itself upon my shoulders and I was sent deep into the Dreams. It was as though I was flying past light itself with its blistering colors of beauty and a dance of collectivized imagination of everything that ever lived. My eyes were scorched with words and characters that I had never seen before, yet I could understand it as the knowledge was carved into my memories like a dagger to skin. Reality began to crack around me, shattering away the tunnel of vibrance and replacing it with a darkness greater than my home universe.)

    (At that moment, I had not known it yet, but I had looked directly into the Void of Creation and laid my eyes upon everything to ever exist.)

    (I traveled towards the center, my skin was peeled away from me and I was encircled briefly by my form. It was an odd sensation being deconstructed from outside my own body, from the human skin I wear -- to the being underneath. I could see everything I was before being rebuilt again.)

    (I would land on a center platform of cooled light. Blues, purples, and greens would swirl around me as I was brought upon the platform’s edge. What lay ahead of me was an endless horizon line, not understanding where it ended and began. To my back, I realized I was staring at infinity. A perfect branching of trillions upon trillions upon trillions of universes that could and would ever exist. My own mouth was agape feeling lost as to what understanding I was to make of it all.)

    (A force from behind brought me to face the infinite horizon again. Pure energy stood before me. Its presence was overwhelming, exerting a pressure over me that I could not refuse. It may have been the first time I had actually felt fear, an experience that made me realize how little I was compared to the larger image.)

    (It stretched out its arm, and what I could only assume to force mine as well. The connection the two of us would make would finally draw out an answer on the final question I had.)


    (With its answer, I found myself across from another. Fear, replaced with Tranquility. Confusion, with Realization. And Time with Opportunity.)

    “If I am Reason. Then you




    It has been a very long time, friends. For those of us that still play Minecraft, and those of us that still want to see our friends from MCS, there has been a member of our community who has taken upon himself to revitalize the Blackreaver image. Shadowslasher11X has taken the mantle and breathed new life into it, including our Discord Server.


    For a Video of Spawn and what to look forward to: Youtube
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    Hey Nat, I don't know if you're reading this or not, but if you are I just want to say thank you.

    You changed my life and many other's lives in more ways than just creating a Minecraft server. You gave a lot of us a home that we could reliably go to if real life got too crazy or overbearing. Frankly, I never thought I'd be in this position where I'm now the owner of a server and actively wanting to rebuild this community with my own blood, sweat, and tears.

    You gave me friends I never would have met without this server.

    I find it funny, thinking back to that dumb edgy young kid that hopped onto one day, saw the ridiculous IP and figured 'Why not.' Well after stealing wool and being jailed by Bajj, I dunno what happened, but I stuck around. I saw Crynia, I saw the end of the 2nd Exile, I saw Althea and it's economic crash, I saw Gold Wildes and many people leave. And even after all that I stuck around, and I finally got to make a spawn for Blackreaver 7 and made Eoghan...

    ...then you came and shut it down; but I didn't hold that against you. Our server was old without much change. The staff were even seeming tired of it all at the end but were more than happy to let it go like many of us.

    But just because it was gone, didn't mean I stopped. For years, ever since I posted my first writings in the writing section, I continued. That dumb edgy teenager grew up with a love of creating things and turned into a dumb edgy young adult with aspirations that he's only recently come to realize. Your server turned into my lore. My entire project, done in the name of memories that I wouldn't let die.

    And now we're here. A new server, a new chance that could go literally any direction. I'm nervous and so are a ton of other people but I'm giving it a shot. I want to see that magic again.

    If you ever do find this message, I would love to chat with you; as I'm sure many would.

    Thank you for the memories. Here's to many more.

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    I’ll keep this short, I promise

    Ten years ago, in the prime of puberty, I joined a server of no particular importance to me to play with a tight group of friends. We were basically in our own world. I had absolutely no intention of engaging with anyone else outside of that circle. Soon afterwards, I connected with a community unlike anything I had ever experienced. Many lessons learned, plenty embarrassments had, and no regrets at all. When thinking back on my teenage years, MCS is always at the forefront of my memories.

    I am very satisfied we’re finally called Blackreaver. Always thought it was a great word. What does it mean? Not sure. I guess I should read up on Shadow’s lore. See you on the other side, boyos!

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