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    Lately I felt like I've just been taking information and using it for my own accord. It's time to give a little back.
    This post is mainly going to be about time management and project planing.

    Define the Project -
    If you don't know what needs to be done, don't even start the project.
    Instead, make a list of things that need to be done. Break it down into quadrants so you can put a board up in game. Label these quadrants like this, left to right, top then bottom. Urgent and Important, Important, Urgent and Not Urgent or Important.

    Kind of like this

    Planing a build-
    A lot of people on the server are definitely better builders than I. I learned a technique from OwenClaxton of doing a much smaller blue print of your finished product.

    TribalGiant, being famous for his rendition of The Shrine from Shadow of the Colossus, built this shrine repeatedly. I've seen a near completed version of it. It's astounding.

    This thread here shows how he planned this build.

    Exavious is possibly the best free flow builder on the server. It's talent.
    Understand though, he probably has a plan before going in what it should look like at the end..

    The thing about free flow art is the variation in it. I've seen him change a few things over time.
    But that is just it, he can change whatever he wants, he is building from his mind.

    Doing the work-
    Pareto principle or 80/20 as some might know it, is the principle of 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your work. This is not black and white, it does vary.

    Figure out what in your build will give you 80% of your desired outcome. Then do it.

    Real Life Application
    The real life application of these principles is easily transferred.

    80/20 and Defining the Project
    Want to go to a good college? Figure out what makes your first choice college accept people.
    Want a better job? Find a job that fits your strengths and become the greatest asset that they should acquire.
    Want to have better relationships? Find out what the other person wants.

    Planning the build
    The college wants a GPA of 3.5 and the essays that they've accept have mainly been on topic x y or z. This is what they expect of me. Step 2 Profit.

    I found my dream job, I can do x y and z all day long and this my main skill set. To get hired, all I need to do is this this and that.

    My girlfriend told me she likes x y and z. If I give her X Y and Z she'll be happy and that makes me happy.
    My friend wants to play his video game when he comes over. We'll play his game for a while, when we get bored we'll move on to something else.
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    I might have more to add to this later.

    Thanks for reading.
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    It is good to decide on a theme in the planning stage as well; choose your main colours and your feature colour, for example:
    I want to build a castle, and I like cobblestone and other grey shaded materials for the main form as it suits a castle more than diamond blocks and so the grays become my main colour however I want a feature colour, a detail colour for all the little bits I want to stand out like banners and things, for this I decide on orange.

    Your theme is very important however do not let it tie you down into following it everywhere; a great build oftenly consists of heaps of varying blocks however there is still the theme - do not mix theme with building materials for it is like squares and rhombuses.
    All building materials are *parts* of your theme but your theme is not your building materials.
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