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    SO! I see all you needy people who want to trade and fuck shit up and what not. People who want to mass sell their soul for 500 steak because you're freaking starving to death but can't because of the 10 minute cooldown. Well have I got news for you.

    /sw otherwise known as /Switch World is a new feature we've added to the server in order for players to travel 8 blocks for every block. But how does this work? Well, we teleport you to the nether's top and you travel to your desired coordinates and then /sw back to the real world. How fucking cool is that shit!? Well get this, I know some of you aren't all that great at math and frankly, neither am I. But here's the cool part about what I'm going to tell you.

    You. Don't. Need. Math.


    What? How could you not need math for something that requires numbers? Well the only thing you need to be capable of doing is reading those numbers! So here's what you do.

    Currently, this is my set of coordinates in the real world as you can see from the upper left hand corner:


    Now, let's go to a mesa biome.

    Go to the server's dynmap which can be found here:

    What you'll see here is a full overview of the entire map. Now what you'll do is using your mouse highlight the area that you want to go to. In my case, I want to go to a mesa biome.


    Save the cords in the upper left hand corner and go to this website:

    This is a calculator for nether portals and by typing in the cords you want to go to you can get the coordinates of the nether you need to be standing.

    So in my case, I want to type x -773 and z 514 into the calculator for the overworld and it will spit out numbers for the nether realm.


    So I have to travel to x -96 and z 64

    Type /sw in chat and you'll be transported to the nether. Go to the coordinates and type /sw again!



    Congratulations! You can now go anywhere you want! Do this for players. Do this for spawn. Do this for biomes! Anywhere you want to go quicker can now be done with excellent precision on your part!
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