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    This is not a post on how to play the game. This post is about the philosophy of being a better person on the server.

    The title might not be fitting for the thread so please change if so.

    No one is perfect. However, you shouldn't let your faults stop you from being proactive on the servers and the forums.

    I'm not saying go way out of your way to help someone but being able to answer some simple or tough questions helps the mods and admins out immensely.

    There are more ways to donate then just monetarily. You wont get perks like flying or XYZ but what you do get is mods and admins who aren't stressed out and the "feel-good" of helping someone out.

    They would be more readily available to help you and others if they didn't have a million things going on.
    You can do simple things. Answer a newer player's questions. Answer some questions on forums to the best of your knowledge.

    When to call for help
    Knowing when to get a mod or an admin can save you a lot of headache.

    My philosophy is, don't get anyone who has responsibilities involved unless absolutely necessary.

    If someone accidentally left a creeper hole in your yard. Just fix it. Getting someone else involved is ridiculous. It will take you 2 minutes to fix. Getting a mod involved easily quadruples that time.

    A caveat to that is, if you accidentally break someone's stuff in their region, see if they are on.
    If they aren't on, report it immediately and get it fixed.

    The less people involved in the whole situation the better.
    Use common sense here.

    If you decide to cheat, specifically x-ray, you are deciding to throw away everything you've ever mined. All of your diamonds, emeralds, iron... Gone. They take any armor and do an inventory clear too.
    No one will trust you either. Ask anyone who was caught.
    It probably felt like they were shunned from society.

    You will get caught.

    Being a donator or a mod wont get you out of it. I personally feel as though you get looked at more the higher you go. You need to be an example setter. Don't make it be one of dishonesty.

    Your Reputation
    It's important. If you had the reputation that you were obnoxious, sarcastic, and generally a pain to be around, do you think anyone will want to play with you?

    Do you think anyone would want to help you?

    Newer players don't know me but ask the older players about me. I don't talk much but I will argue my point to the ends of the Earth. People generally avoid me because of that.

    If you like playing with others, mind your reputation. I am personally a loner in games like this.
    This applies to real life too.

    Don't Beg
    If you don't have younger siblings or children, you probably never experienced this. Begging is the last thing you EVER want to do. Nine times out of ten, you wont get what you want.

    Figure out how you can get something yourself. Google it if you can't figure it out.
    Just do it and be amazed at how much you can get.

    Final Comments (TLDR)
    • Be proactive, help new people.
    • Don't call for help unless absolutely necessary. Use common sense.
    • Don't cheat. You will get caught.
    • Mind your reputation - It's the only thing you have long term.
    • Begging sucks. If I catch you begging, I will beg for something you have so you can experience it. I will be relentless. THIS IS A PROMISE.
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    This is a awesome post this post is worth a sticky
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    very kool and full of information.

    Nice job.
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    This is a great post :D I need to do alot of these things
    but heres a meme!
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    Is it cool with a capital K
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    The Reputation bit is so important imo. I have so many players on my "avoid and hate" list just cause of the way they treat everyone else.
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    well shit.
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    Good job on the post

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