A Cool (and Slightly Outlandish) Way To Dispose Of Unwanted Items.

Discussion in 'Minecraft Server Tutorials' started by xNachtmahrx, Dec 7, 2016.

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    Okay, so I don't feel I take part in the forums enough, and would really like to so I thought I might show you all how I made my item disposal. I am sure I'm not the first to come up with this, but I thought it was a neat little system.

    To some, this may seem a little over the top, why not just throw them down a lava pit after all? Thing is, I used to do this, but one too many times I have accidentally thrown down stuff I didn't mean to...Anyway to the making of it!

    You will need:

    Sticky piston x1
    Lever x1
    Lava x1 (Optional)
    Block of your choice x6
    Slabs or stairs of your choice x2

    So, we're going to start by digging a hole three blocks wide and two deep.

    Next, jump in and place the sticky piston on one of the ends, facing you, now take the block of your choice ( for this tutorial's sake I'm using stone) and place it in front of the piston:

    Now dig down the block you are standing on making the hole at least five blocks deep (If you do not have fly dig an additional tunnel down directly next to you so you can build back up to the top again). Now place your lava at the bottom of the hole and return to the surface, when you look down it should look something like this:

    The next thing to do will be to cover up the piston and the stone (Or whatever block you chose) Like so:
    Okay, so now you want to take your lever and place it on the block that is above the piston, like this:
    Now pull the lever and seal the hole shut. The next step is optional, you can leave it like that but I recommend taking three blocks of your choice and placing them behind the hole, then slabs or stairs and placing them to the sides, leaving the front open. You can of course play around with designs. Here's mine:

    Remember to keep the hole shut off when not in use. Now, with the hole still sealed, throw in all those unwanted items that are just clogging your inventory. Keeping the hole sealed allows you to rescue anything you accidentally throw in:

    Now once you are sure everything in there is unwanted pull the leaver and...
    Bye bye rubbish :D

    Well, that's my bin tutorial. Hope you found it helpful or interesting, please let me know if you liked it!
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    I just leave everything I don't want over at Kenny's hole. I'm fairly certain no one will find it there.
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    Over the top???? Nah, not at all. ^_^
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    I really like this idea, and I think I may use it myself. Up until now, I've been using a rather basic incinerator (making a box with lava in it and throwing stuff into a hole in the side of the box), and this seems like a great way to prevent accidents.
    Very nice tutorial, as well. Easy enough to follow that a dingus like me won't get lost halfway through. :confused:
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    Thanks very much :D Glad you found it useful.
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