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  1. spakado
    My last activity was 2014 on this account, I remembered this server and wanted to see if it’s still around. 9 years later I leave this here.
  2. IllusionIte_
    Do we know anyone that has the download to the old creative server? I unfortunately never got my hands on it. I would love to get nostalgic!
    1. IllusionIte_
      I really want to explore my old plots! (That is, if I can find them)
      Aug 15, 2023
  3. SpruceLogHD
    SpruceLogHD Parrit2
    Waiting for the Parrit Renaissance.
  4. diabolicwhiteguy
    Just realized internet shit is all going to be lost no matter how many backups of it are made.
    1. Sahib
      the mcs creative world is still around and up on a few people's servers
      Mar 9, 2023
    2. IllusionIte_
      do we know anyone that has the download to the creative server? I unfortunately never got my hands on it. I would love to get nostalgic and download the old map!
      Aug 15, 2023
  5. SpruceLogHD
    Bgray1111 better come back and message me by the time I die
    1. Sahib
      Jan 29, 2023
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  6. SpruceLogHD
    I always come back darling.
  7. IllusionIte_
    This is officially my 100th message! Just wanted to make the number an even 100 lol
    1. Marshall
      Oof, too bad profile messages don't count under total posts.
      Jan 7, 2022
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    2. IllusionIte_
      After all these years, I did not know that! lol
      I suppose my 100th will have to wait~
      Apr 7, 2022
  8. fox
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    2. IllusionIte_
      hello there!
      Nov 17, 2021
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  9. Oryxxa
    Oryxxa Thatguy5600
    this is really random but every time i see any username with “thatguy” in it, i still think of you till this day- hope you’re well if you ever see this lool
  10. Oryxxa
    Oryxxa xariaxx
    i miss yall
    1. xariaxx
      hi try :D discord me @ xar#3761
      Jan 20, 2022
  11. Oryxxa
    red!!! we used to talk all the time, miss u hope you’re well
  12. Oryxxa
    Oryxxa flubbyfluffer
    hope you’re doing well <3
    1. Juwn
      my thoughts exactly
      Sep 30, 2021
    2. SpruceLogHD
      I hope all of ya'll are doing well...well I know you are because of discord but still. <3 we should all talk more but yeah life is busy ugh so annoying. At least we are all in touch so grateful!
      Jun 23, 2023
  13. Oryxxa
    and if you are reading this and are comfortable, drop your insta or discord cause i would love to catch up!!
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    2. Coach
      yeah it has been a while, and stuff to definitely catch up with, Coach#5134
      Jan 6, 2022
    3. Sahib
      get back to me and i will for sure!
      Nov 1, 2022
  14. Oryxxa
    idk if anyone will ever read this but i miss yall and was reminiscing </3 hope you’re all doing well
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  15. IllusionIte_
    Totally not stealing what SpruceLogHD posted a while back, but if anyone wants to stay in touch, my snap is firestorm821 :D
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  16. HarryTurney
  17. floppyhedgehog
    hello i AM ALIVE
  18. eightnine
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  19. Gonzxor
    Gonzxor SimplyNova
    I like the quotes. Also yes, rum is the best thing. But seriously, I like the quotes.
    1. SimplyNova
      Those were better days when they were posted.
      Feb 3, 2021
  20. SimplyNova
    Fun fact; any amount of time can pass and you will still never fully let go.