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  1. Oryxxa
    Oryxxa Thatguy5600
    this is really random but every time i see any username with “thatguy” in it, i still think of you till this day- hope you’re well if you ever see this lool
  2. Oryxxa
    Oryxxa xariaxx
    i miss yall
  3. Oryxxa
    red!!! we used to talk all the time, miss u hope you’re well
  4. Oryxxa
    Oryxxa flubbyfluffer
    hope you’re doing well <3
  5. Oryxxa
    and if you are reading this and are comfortable, drop your insta or discord cause i would love to catch up!!
  6. Oryxxa
    idk if anyone will ever read this but i miss yall and was reminiscing </3 hope you’re all doing well
  7. IllusionIte_
    Totally not stealing what SpruceLogHD posted a while back, but if anyone wants to stay in touch, my snap is firestorm821 :D
  8. HarryTurney
  9. floppyhedgehog
    hello i AM ALIVE
  10. eightnine
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  11. Gonzxor
    Gonzxor SimplyNova
    I like the quotes. Also yes, rum is the best thing. But seriously, I like the quotes.
    1. SimplyNova
      Those were better days when they were posted.
      Feb 3, 2021
  12. SimplyNova
    Fun fact; any amount of time can pass and you will still never fully let go.
  13. Midnightcat13
    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
  14. bagofriedpickles
    Im back! Anyone still play that remembers me?
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  15. SimplyNova
  16. Pinecone
  17. BudderUSA
    Changed my mc names to Zanderbell
  18. Sahib
    1. IllusionIte_
      Jan 9, 2020
    2. Midnightcat13
      Apr 26, 2021
  19. SpruceLogHD
    SpruceLogHD bgray1111
    Check your conversations I messaged you. Hope all is well :)
  20. SpruceLogHD
    SpruceLogHD Parrit2
    Check your conversations I messaged you. Hope all is well :)