Player Ranks

Here on Blackreavers Minecraft server we have a selection of player ranks with varying privileges and obligations.

Here is a list in order of Minecraft server player rank, with visual characteristics added.


Identified by the grey name for example Steve

Anyone who first enters the server is a guest or Outsider. This is primarily to prevent people from joining and instantly running rampant, possibly griefing the first thing they see, we have been there and it is not pretty. Do not ask if this will be changed as it will not be.

Being an Outsider, you have to apply for your Settler status first. This can be done on the official Minecraft forums, where we have our own thread. Please go here to create your post. All you have to do is to post your in game Minecraft user name. Be mindful, some people mix it up and post their forum account name instead, which is not what the staff need to verify you as a Settler. It is permitted and even welcomed if you notify any staff member (Admin, Moderator) present in game that you have made your application, as it makes their job easier. What is not welcomed is to spam it over and over. Say it once, clearly and politely, and they will get to checking your application. Do try to say on which page or when you made your post, as it makes it much easier for the staff to find it, compared to leafing through dozens of building rights request pages.

Being an Outsider, you cannot do very much. You cannot modify the world directly mining materials, placing them, or otherwise interacting as you are used to single player Minecraft is disabled. You have access to a few commands, such as /rules, /help or /spawn to return you to spawn.

The last tip for Outsiders is do not mess up. Bans handed out to player ranks of Settlers or upwards can be revoked. However Outsiders stay banned, permanently. No second chances.


Identified by the green name without a prefix, for example Steve

Settler is the standard rank most players on our server have. Being one, you can mine blocks, place them, generally interact with the world as you would expect. You have access to a broader range of commands, such as setting your home via /sethome and going back there with /home, locking chests, for which detailed explanations are available in the Help page tab above. You can request staff members to lock your land via a region, and have selected players be given permission to build in it. All others will be excluded from building there.


Identified by the light green name for example  Steve

Elders are those who have been playing actively on the server for 3 months or more. They get the distinct rank and chat colour, they gain access to the ability to breathe underwater when wearing the gold helmet, create coloured signs, use the /me command.

You are awarded this rank after 3 months have passed since you joined’s Minecraft Server. It does not happen automatically, so you have to tell the staff. They will check if it has indeed been that long.


Identified by the purple name, for example Peter

The Traveller rank is achieved by exploring the world of, located in the world are a number of catacombs, each of the catacombs contains a golden apple usually on the deepest level of the catacombs, you will need to defeat many monsters and delve deep to receive your reward.

Once you have descended to the deepest level, vanquished all your foes, found the golden apple in the depths of the catacomb you will need to present your golden apple prize to a Lead Admin who will promote you to the rank of Traveller.

Please note: You must obtain the apple from the cata which you found. You cannot craft your own, even if you die and lose the original. You cannot speak the cata name outloud in chat or it will be deleted; you must instead whisper the name to an admin.  You may not yell that “you found a cata” or else people will track you down on the dynmap. You should not “share” your cata with others unless they help from start to finish. You may not whisper the name or location of any cata to any other player. Please don’t cheat. This is a fun event, and cheating detracts from the sense of exploration for cata’s and the danger they represent. Cheating or skirting the rules just for a rank will result in shame, demotion, or a ban for your efforts.

Remember to stock up well with provisions for your descent into the catacombs as you will need food and a range of weapons to defeat your foes.

The Traveller player rank has the ability to construct stargates, allowing for fast travel throughout the world for yourself and other players, a Traveller also has the ability to breathe underwater when wearing a gold helmet, one of the great benefits of this rank is the compass when used as a Traveller will grant the user additional abilities.


Identified by the orange name with a + prefix, for example + RichSteve

Donators are people who have donated a small sum to help with our minecraft server costs, as detailed on the Donate menu tab above. All donations always go towards server upkeep, and if at the end of the month there is more donations than cost, then this is just rolled over into the next months minecraft server colocation costs.

As a donator, you gain the distinct visual rank colour in chat and gain the benefit of the following perks, you are able to use the Magic Carpet, you can have a total of 4 private warps (homes) and you also have access to the ability to breathe and talk under water when wearing a gold helmet. We are always grateful for donors in helping with server costs.

Super Donators

Identified by the orange name with a ++ prefix, for example ++ VeryRichSteve

Super Donators are individuals who have donated a large sum to assist with the minecraft server costs, Super Donators get all the bonuses of the standard Donator rank, plus the ability to use the ‘Super Pickaxe’ and the Magic Light version of the Magic Carpet.

Veteran Super Donators

Identified by the orange name with a ++ prefix and ^ Veteran prefix, for example ++^ VeryRichSteve

Veteran Super Donators are individuals who have donated a large sum and have been active on the server for 3 months, All Veteran Super Donators receive all the abilities of the Super Donator rank, however as they are also Veterans they receive the ability to breathe underwater when wearing the gold helmet.