Short Story: Forget Me

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    So Flubby's been posting stories and pictures and things, and that has inspired me to post a story I've been working on, that I'm REALLY excited about!!!
    We'll see how it goes.
    The current title that I have is "Forget Me", and it's almost done.
    Super excited!!! Also, note: I know it is confusing at first, but I have an idea in my mind, and once it's typed up and done, I will be editing it.
    Chapter One:
    There's something about watching a person die. Seeing the light drain out of their eyes and knowing it's because of you. That you put the hopelessness on their face. Blood washes off easier than guilt. He's lying on the asphalt, the city lights illuminating the alley. Trash cloaks the tangy smell. I wonder how long he's been here, who killed him, when they'll find him. They will think it's me.

    Just another name on my head, something else to bring me down. One more knife to hide.

    "You killed him."

    Oh, kill me now.

    I whirl around, knowing for sure it must be an officer, now of all time.

    It's a boy. Outlined by the street lights, I can't see his face. He takes a step towards me.
    "You killed my brother."


    His eyes are gold, burning into me, inspecting my body, my stance. They freeze on the knife in my hand and his breath hitches. He almost... growls.

    "You killed him!" he shouts. Another step closer, sending me stumbling into the shadows.

    "I-I didn't-" I can't breathe.

    He snarls. "I ought to KILL you!" he says, but then he stops. Smiles. "This life is punishment enough for someone like you."

    I freeze.

    He walks toward me. I back up, pressed into the wall, and I can't go any further. He reaches forward and I whimper.

    "Be brave, little boy, dying doesn't hurt that much." He presses his fingers to my throat, my pulse, and I feel something leave me. I FEEL my heart stop. Everything burns.

    There's no emotion in his voice when he talks. "Welcome to this life, Death."

    And then he's gone.

    I think I just died.

    What is wrong, there's something wrong, so wrong with me. I scream, for as long as I can with all my breath, until I am empty, am nothing. Now, only now, I hope someone will come. But they don't. I lay there for minutes, hours, and only when I step out onto the street and into the crowd do I realize.

    No one can see me.
    So yes I know it lacks background and all that, but its just the start, and I'm still working through with which POV to put the next section in... So yeah.
    That's it! :)
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    This is good :) keep writing.
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    Wow... this reminds me of the hunger games because of the style of writing and the quality. Nice job!

    EDIT: Please continue this story. I'm going to get so curious about what's supposed to be going on.
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    Me gusta
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    Das pwetty neat.

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