Mcs May Be Dead, But Blackreaver Will Live On.

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    As I tuned in to the website today to see if any progress would be made on restoring our server, I was met with an announcement on Discord. In this announcement specified that the server itself had been shut down permanently following a decision from Natbyte due to the lack of population. I was saddened, but I understood. I saw it coming and so did many people by this point. I started out my journey on this amazing server in BR4 immediately after the game entered it's 1.0.0 update. From it I met many new friends and people who would help me through some of the darkest times of my life. When we entered Althea the world grew warm and then cold with the sudden economic crash that had hit our server dead. We were lost and unable to gain anything out of it due to money issues. Years later we entered Gold Wildes, opinion was mixed on this, but it wouldn't be until much later would we finally begin to settle into it comfortably. Many of our greats left during this time leaving a small team of people only to be maintaining it every day. Then came Eoghan. Eoghan was our chance to rekindle what was lost, but ultimately to no avail. The server on this day was officially dead after being down for a week.

    Thanks for the memories MCS and team.'s not dead...

    I've been working on a story for a long time. It follows a timeline of events based on the server's events and how they happened to a degree. A story about fantasy and war with plenty of fun little ideas in between that allowed me to go as far as I would like with it. And I would like to show you all what this has amounted too.

    From the Black-Burning Ashes


    Enter, the Blackreaver Kingdom. Born from the ashes of a collapsed Empire in the year of 1288 B.E (Before-Exile), they took on the symbol of the Black Phoenix, otherwise known as 'The Black Reaver'. They would be a small country, but would spend upwards to the next 50 years retaking old territory from it's enemies. With not enough soldiers to fight larger nations, Blackreaver would rely on it's women population to join in the military forces so that they may carve gain a greater leverage in the field of combat. Something never done before in the history of the world of Manu.

    In the late 900's B.E, Blackreaver would discover magic. A clunky thing that would be powerful in the right hands as basic abilities of earth and water magic became discovered. It allowed for newer tactics and a change of pace, giving them the upper hand in the battlefield. At this point however, all magic was still recited as tomes and needed to be pronounced in order to activate them.

    In the 3rd Kingdom Era, it became clear to Blackreaver that the world was coming to an end. With the help of a great and powerful mage named Stylether, the country of Blackreaver fled to the underground where they built boats to carry them to a new world as the world above slowly began to fall into chaos.

    The year is 0 P.E (Post Exile), we've entered a new world. A new realm of excitement and change, the new lands are called Crynia. A place that would become the origin point for the new world that all humans will exist in from this point forward. A world that Blackreaver would carve. Explorations would be made all over the new continents, mapping them out to try and find the best places to mark for rebuilding civilization. The new world would be called 'Arius', meaning 'Immortal'.

    War in the East.


    Enter the first of many wars that would span this new world for centuries to come. Blackreaver's Eastern Territories would begin to revolt against the Throne as they wanted to be allowed to pray to the new universe's Gods without any issues from the King. This would become an issue in the eyes of Blackreaver's primary territories, and would spark the very first war in the new world. In 371 P.E, after 7 years of fighting, the Aquarius Kingdom would successfully secede from the Blackreaver Kingdom.

    But not without a background in it, the great fort of Stratusfall on the Eastern border would disappear into history and wouldn't be rediscovered for another 1000 years, with more technological strides never seen before in the history of Arius.

    It would be another 300 years, but the land of Aquarius would fall into chaos once again with the assassination of Oracle Aqua the 5th. Clans that had been building up their armies for a long time were now in the midst of wanting more power and land for themselves, and with his death it lead to Civil War breaking out all over the continent. Clans would desperately try for nearly 500 years to try and take the Royal City of Proellius but would ultimately be stomped down by the Royal Guard. One of the major players of the continent would leave with the signs of the coming storm and head North beyond the Aquarius Mountains, where they would form the Rivirian Dominion.

    Meanwhile, only 3 years later in 715 P.E, would Blackreaver fight in it's own revolution after the death of the Gods. It was short, only lasting a couple hours; but within that time the dethroning of the Overseer Council and King came with their bodies being hung outside the capital building. From it, a new King and Overseer Council was formed. Giving way to a newer world of peace and tranquility among the people of Blackreaver.


    The year is 1310 P.E, and a threat looms on the horizon. The Rivirian Dominion has collapsed after massive force from the Aquarius Kingdom invaded and destroyed the central government and all local governments within the border's reaches. From here it is discovered than an alien threat is coming with the intention to destroy the multiverse. Blackreaver comes under a Civil War within it's own military due to this crisis and is wounded. The Aquarius Civil War finally ends in 1310 with the death of Oracle Q and the fleeing of Oracle Aqua the 15th. With the region now in ruins, fields burned, and farmland needing years of rework, it would be impossible to begin a new life quickly, many flee to Blackreaver.

    The City of Stratusfall is rediscovered in 1311 P.E, they're farther ahead of the world by centuries of cultural change, technological innovation, and philosophical constructs. They have Airships, Mechanical Swords, new architecture that allowed cliff building, and even the first guns. With their help, they would go on the offensive to retake Blackreaver's fallen Gold Wildes province from the alien threat in what would be called the Eclipse Event in 1312 P.E.

    Following the destruction of the Gold Wildes province and the rebuilding of the Aquarius Continent for decades after would lead to a new world with technological openness by Stratusfall. Vehicles, better living, and medical, and magic improvements would be made in great strides for the next 200 years. The borders of the Aquarius Kingdom would be redrawn with new countries. But by 1590, hell was on the horizon.

    An Unprepared World


    In 1590, weapon designs were leaked from Stratusfall onto the Black Market, allowing the criminal underworld to manufacture cheap but usable designs for firearms. It wouldn't be too long before countries would start manufacturing their own. The first being the Kingdom of Al'Mod, followed by the Federation of Cydonia. And with that, the world would begin massing developing new weapons out of fear of a fully armed and mobilized Cydonia. Stratusfall would try to put a stop to it, but would ultimately be a lost cause that would require Stratusfall ally itself up completely with Blackreaver and Rivirian.

    In 1640 P.E, the world would enter a war unlike anything ever seen before. Nations would be invaded, trenches dug, and lives lost as two sides would rip and tear at each other for over 8 years. New weapon designs would come out frequently in this time period leading to some very destructive results.

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    Keep your story alive Shadow :)
    Maybe catch you on the flip side, take care.

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    The Sengian Empire will rise from these ashes, worry not.
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