Minecraft Server Updated for 1.6.5

Minecraft Beta 1.6.5 Released
Hey guys, just a short update on the current look of things. Minecraft Server has been updated to version 1.6.5, but we are on a temporary map until Notch fixes more bugs and until a RECOMMENDED Bukkit Build is out. Currently, something in Notch’s coding or the server files is causing the server to be highly unstable, so just hang tight and enjoy the weekend while everything gets sorted out =) We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming in no time!

  1. I got banned for Pvp on player ‘Kolk’ I did not mean to kill him. I wanted to do a shadow of israphel moment and I fired a few arrows that would not hit him but one did and it killed him. I hit my F1 button and I didnt see chat until I left the Nether when I hit F1 once again and saw that I was about to be banned. I tried to explain what happened but I got banned before I could finish explaining. Please help me sort this out! This is my favorite minecraft server to play on!

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