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Flat Land Challenge Voting!

Gentlemen, its time for the vote to end all votes.
After some heavy deliberation among the staff, we have decided on these final 5 entries.
Now YOU get to decide which one wins!

Vote now!

Entry 1:
__Xenome__ Fountain: (Location 200,0)


Entry 2:
Kingofpie222 Fountain: (Location -25,30)


Entry 3:
OwenClaxton Satellite (Location -200,200)


Entry 4:
Smartim Garden (Location 250,75)


Entry 5:
Spriggs107 Dragon (Location 200,800)


(Unofficial) Minecraft Server Ventrillo

Minecraft Ventrillo Server

Our dear Moderator Dzyriq has graciously opened up a ventrillo server for the rest of us!

You are welcome to come join and chat with the rest of your fellow Minecrafters.

There are just a few simple rules:

1) No Voice Spamming / No Synth / No Harassment / This is not your personal soundboard (i.e no Balls ‘O Steel)
2) Follow all server rules and listen to Moderators and Admins
3) /Ban is still the easiest command
4) You must be online, on the Minecraft Server, in order to be on Vent. (Vets, Donators, Mods & Admins are exempt if the server is not full) If you aren’t, expect a kick, if not a ban.
5) When you first join, you will be as a guest – just poke one of the admins and they’ll set you up so that you can move around to your level of freedom
6) Poor behavior will not be tolerated – a ban on the server will be a ban in the vent server, and visa versa.

So come on in and talk to your fellow friends!
Host: ventrilo.gamelaunch.dk
Port: 14562
Password: Soxdomie