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Minecraft 1.8 Release Coming Soon

Minecraft 1.8 Enderman
At PAX 2011 Minecraft 1.8 “The Adventure Update” has been shown by Notch, he gives a commentary through the video. It appears some of the key updates for Minecraft 1.8 are the new terrain as expected, some graphics changes and tweaks, the introduction of the Endermen / Enderman enemy who can teleport from what is seen, remember just do not look at them!

Also the NPC villages look interesting but empty. Notch also makes it clear that Mojang will be breaking this update down into two parts, Minecraft 1.8 and Minecraft 1.9, with the expected realease of Minecraft 1.8 in a few weeks. Dungeons do not seem to have been mentioned much, however they are expected to be updated in the next release.

A creative gameplay mode has also been officially added, allowing the player a totally creative experience similar to the original version of Minecraft that started the whole journey. Enjoy the IGN video below.

Core Update For Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server Updated

After all of the delays with Bukkit and the new version of Minecraft Server (1.5_02) at long last we are now finally back up to speed, all our key plugins have been updated and a number have been added along with a few key play related changes to the server.

Plugins and Updates

Minecraft Server 1.5_02
Bukkit Build #740
AntiBuild 1.4.1
Essentials 2.2.6
GroupManager 1.0(alpha-5)
FishPeople 1.4
HeroChat 4.10.3
Lockette 1.3.7
LogBlock 0.14
MagicCarpet 1.5.5
MinecartManiaAdminControls 1.1.4
MinecartManiaCore 1.1.5
SignColours 0.3
Stargate 0.4.3
Vanish 1.5.2
WorldEdit 4.4
WorldGuard 5.0-alpha10
iConomy 4.65

The key changes to the server are as follows, we have removed NPC shop keepers because when the server is busy with many players using the NPC’s this caused server crashes, effecting gameplay for all so until further notice NPC’s are removed from Minecraft Server, we are currently investigating adding another shop related plugin and will begin testing soon.

All Veteran status players use of Magic Carpet has been removed, this plugin was originally intended as an admin / mod plugin to be used for removal of 1×1 pillars and other sky related grief. In place and more in keeping with the feel of the game, all Veterans can when wearing a gold helmet now breathe underwater.

A long term vision for the server is removal of warps, these are to be replaced with our developing subway system and Stargates both allowing for fast travel, in my personal opinion they offer a more natural way to explore our world however warps will remain during the transition period. Plenty of notice will be given before they are removed.

Finally we have added another core plugin to our setup called Minecart Mania. After much testing on the temporary map after the last Minecraft update it was decided that minecarts and tracks be allowed back into the game, providing we have a server wide ability to remove empty carts, Minecart Mania gives us this ability amongst others. On the live map so far they are no longer causing an issue with either crashing or lag.

I have also had a number of requests to extend the building competition due to the length of time we had with a temporary map, the competition will be extended and a news updated will be posted in full on the matter.

Minecraft Beta 1.4_01 Released

Minecraft Beta 1.4_01 Released

Minecraft Beta 1.4_01 has just been released so far it appears the only change is the removal of the April Fool’s joke. I will report any other changes here once know if any are present. It appears the minecraft server has also been updated to 1.4_01.

Bug Fix Update:

  • Wolves can now walk through open door.
  • Beds now act as a respawn point as intended.

Minecraft Cookies Served With Beta 1.4

Cookies to be added to Minecraft version 1.4
Notch has confirmed via Twitter that he will be adding cookies into the next Minecraft version 1.4 release. It is expected will look as our image above, we also know that cocoa beans will be a part of the crafting recipe! The cocoa bean already technically exists in Minecraft but can only be accessed currently by hacking.

Pet Wolves For Minecraft v1.4

Minecraft Pet Wolves
One of the Minecraft programmers Jens Bergensten has uploaded a video to youtube showing the new wolf pets these are expected to be included in the next beta release of Minecraft (beta v1.4) If you watch the video you can see them swimming, being given bones, hunting and overall just being a damn cool addition to the minecraft world! Video after the jump. Read more »

Minecraft Server News

Minecraft Server BuildingsThere is a few things to be aware of at this time, due to the Beta update that has come and gone. Read this entire post before asking the Admins needlessly ingame.

Obligatory info – to enter the server, type Minecraftserver.com into your multiplayer IP address box in the Minecraft client.

First of all, we are currently running a temporary map, which is on a free-to-build basis. Meaning you do not have to apply for builder rights on this map. However, this only temporary.

The application process is not suspended indefinitely.

You are still encouraged to post your application in our thread, as the Admins will need to check up on it when the normal map returns.

The thread can be found here.

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