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Flat Land Challenge Voting!

Gentlemen, its time for the vote to end all votes.
After some heavy deliberation among the staff, we have decided on these final 5 entries.
Now YOU get to decide which one wins!

Vote now!

Entry 1:
__Xenome__ Fountain: (Location 200,0)


Entry 2:
Kingofpie222 Fountain: (Location -25,30)


Entry 3:
OwenClaxton Satellite (Location -200,200)


Entry 4:
Smartim Garden (Location 250,75)


Entry 5:
Spriggs107 Dragon (Location 200,800)


Isabella Texture Pack

Isabella Texture Pack

This is 16×16 Isabella Minecraft texture pack. This is a medieval looking texture pack perfect if you like role playing or if you want the old world looking surroundings! This is not just a fixed set texture pack you have to download and put in the texture pack folder, no, this texture pack is customizable to every wish. You can change the wool, cobblestone, ores, tools and many more!

Go check this texturepack out now at the Minecraft forums, and get it while it’s hot !

Minecraft 1.9 New inventory

New Inventory Minecraft 1.9
Jeb tweeted a new image recently, giving us a preview of what yet to come – stats, bottles for potions and more!

Already we have seen a large update with the new world generator, NPC villages, more expansive dungeons like Strongholds and Nether forts, quite some new mobs and more. What will be next?

Minecraft 1.8 Trailer

Minecraft 1.8 Update
Minecraft 1.8
‘Adventure Update’ looms ever closer, this update is shaping up to add a bunch of new features and content changes. It has been confirmed that the Minecraft 1.8 client update will include randomly generated dungeons, non player character villages, new biomes, creative sandbox mode, more farming options, critical hits, sprinting, new mobs, and an updated food system.

We will update the minecraft server as soon as Minecraft 1.8 is available for download and setup a temporary map for 1.8 until bukkit and plugins are updated. On the magical Minecraft news grapevine the rumour is that Minecraft 1.8 will be released on the 8th of September 2011, fingers crossed.