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Minecraft Nether Bridges and Bricks

Minecraft Nether Brick and Bridges
On Jebs twitter he posted a couple of new images of the Minecraft Nether, one showing what appears to be a new block type possibly nether bricks, the second image posting clearly shows Nether bridges built from what appear to be the Nether bricks. It really has been about time the Nether got some more development love, so here is hoping this is planned for the Minecraft 1.9 release, who knows it may even make it into a bug fix build of the current 1.8 releases.

Beta 1.8 Released!

Download Minecraft 1.8 Now
The official release of 1.8 is upon us, to update just log into Minecraft as normal, assuming you wish to play 1.8 agree to the update and by the magic of Mojang you will be welcomed to a whole new world of 1.8 goodness!

Minecraft 1.8 Official Changelog:

+ Added a brand new biome generation code that simplifies life a lot and makes things much more exciting for the future.
+ Added new mob; Endermen.
+ Added FOV slider.
+ Added brightness slider.
+ Added randomly generated ravines.
+ Killing a monster makes it drop experience orbs.
+ The player can level up by gathering experience orbs.
+ Added randomly generated houses.
+ Added huge mushrooms.
+ Using bonemeal on small mushrooms grows the mushroom into a giant mushroom if there’s room.
+ Rewrote the light rendering to use multitexturing instead of direct colors.
+ Sky light and block light have different tints, cool colors for sky light, warm for block lights.
+ Added critical hits that deal +50% damage, plus an extra point to make crits with weak weapons worth it.
+ If the player hits a mob while falling, they always hit a critical hit.
+ The game now keeps track of damage sources and types.
+ Some damage type ignore armor now; drowning, being on fire, falling out of the world.
+ Ice now only spreads next to existing ice or from coast areas.
+ Made the explosions prettier.
+ Made level height depend on a single variable (the level height still is 128, but it’s more moddable now).
+ Added sprinting.
+ Added hunger.
+ Food is now stackable.
+ Improved the logo.
+ Added suspended particles to water.
+ Added a server list so you can remember multiple servers.
+ The player regenerates slowly while the food bar is high.
+ Eating food now takes time.
+ Skeletons hold their bows better now.
+ Added melons.
+ Made melons and pumpkins farmable.
+ Animals that get hurt will flee randomly for a short while.
+ Pigs have snouts now.
+ Made a flashier title screen.
+ Looking towards the sun during sunset/sunrise changes fog color.
+ Added fence gates.
+ Added a player list to multiplayer.
+ Added Silverfish.
+ Added Cave Spider.
+ Added huge underground dungeons (stronghold).
+ Added underground mine shafts.
+ Added melon.
+ Added sprouts for melons and pumpkins.
+ Added vines.
+ Added iron bars.
* Fixed mushrooms spreading infinitely.
* Fixed caves generating with too many dead ends.
– Removed Herobrine.

Jebs Minecraft 1.8 Updates Bug Fixes

Jebs Minecraft 1.8 Coding Update
Jeb posted he was working on the following list of bug fixes shown below, as such no news yet which have made it into the Minecraft 1.8 Beta, the list is as follows…

* SSP chunk memory leak
* Mineshaft density (half now)
* Increased stronghold count to 3 per map instead of one
* Furnace tile entity crash
* Crafting bench ghost items
* Vines (and leaves) crash in nether
* Use item animation in SMP (blocking and eating)
* Blocking in SMP
* Sprinting with right-click or sneaking
* Added some blocks to creative mode
* Fixed dropping items
* Nothing can be eaten in creative mode
* Enderman client-side problems
* Chicken and cow drop burned food
* Squids drop exp
* 1.7 worlds should get structures
* Farmlands rejecting melon and pumpkin seeds
* Bonemeal on melons and pumpkins
* Bonemeal on mushroom only works on dirt or grass
* Added item drops for cracked and mossy smooth stone brick
* Adjusted fog strength at low positions

Minecraft Server 1.8 Test Server

MinecraftServer.com Minecraft 1.8 Test Server
If you wish to test the Minecraft 1.8 pre-release with other players, we have created a pre-release test server, just point your client to:


Please be aware this is a pre-release test server, as such the main purpose is to examine the performance impact on our hardware of the new 1.8 Minecraft server, if you can not connect it is because the server probably crashed, enjoy!

Jolicraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.8 Download

Download Jolicraft Texture Pack
I have a selection of Minecraft texture packs installed that I swap between depending on my mood, Jolicraft is one of them. The Jolicraft texture pack has now been updated to version 4 and supports Minecraft 1.8. As with all texture packs it is more about what you like as a player and what fits well with your game, In my opinion this hits the mark, do check out some of the mobs. The Jolicraft texture pack is compatible with the very popular Aether Mod and the Aether GUI. Please feel free to download and give it a try, let me know in the comments what you think!

Jolicraft version 4.0 Texture Pack Change log:

+ Now support Minecraft 1.8
+ Added Texture Pack for Enderman
+ New Graphical User Interface
+ New Biomes Color
+ New Chest Model
+ New Critical Hits Particle
+ Added Main Menu Background
+ New Menu Logo
+ New GUI Background
+ New Pumpkin Texture Pack
+ Much more

Preview Jolicraft Texture Pack

Download Jolicraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.8

Minecraft 1.8 Trailer

Minecraft 1.8 Update
Minecraft 1.8
‘Adventure Update’ looms ever closer, this update is shaping up to add a bunch of new features and content changes. It has been confirmed that the Minecraft 1.8 client update will include randomly generated dungeons, non player character villages, new biomes, creative sandbox mode, more farming options, critical hits, sprinting, new mobs, and an updated food system.

We will update the minecraft server as soon as Minecraft 1.8 is available for download and setup a temporary map for 1.8 until bukkit and plugins are updated. On the magical Minecraft news grapevine the rumour is that Minecraft 1.8 will be released on the 8th of September 2011, fingers crossed.


Minecraft 1.8 Release Coming Soon

Minecraft 1.8 Enderman
At PAX 2011 Minecraft 1.8 “The Adventure Update” has been shown by Notch, he gives a commentary through the video. It appears some of the key updates for Minecraft 1.8 are the new terrain as expected, some graphics changes and tweaks, the introduction of the Endermen / Enderman enemy who can teleport from what is seen, remember just do not look at them!

Also the NPC villages look interesting but empty. Notch also makes it clear that Mojang will be breaking this update down into two parts, Minecraft 1.8 and Minecraft 1.9, with the expected realease of Minecraft 1.8 in a few weeks. Dungeons do not seem to have been mentioned much, however they are expected to be updated in the next release.

A creative gameplay mode has also been officially added, allowing the player a totally creative experience similar to the original version of Minecraft that started the whole journey. Enjoy the IGN video below.