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Minecraft A Religion? Chain World Project

Chain Wolrd Minecraft A Religion
Chain World started as Jason Rohrer’s winning entry to the 2011 Game Design Challenge: “Bigger than Jesus”. The intention behind it is to have a game where a players interaction with the world becomes the next state for another player. Play is passed from one player to another sequentially, so there is no direct player interaction.

Jason Rohrer used a custom minecraft launcher that works with a USB stick. This launcher allows you to play a special “Chain World”. The basic idea is that you play the game until you die, at which point you are supposed to quit, and the world is saved on the USB key. Then the USB key is passed to the next player.

Original Chain World Commandments

1. Run Chain World via one of the included “run_ChainWorld” launchers.
2. Start a single-player game and pick “Chain World”.
3. Play until you die exactly once.
* Erecting wooden signs with text is forbidden
* Suicide is permissible.
4. Immediately after dying and respawning, quit to the menu.
5. Allow the world to save.
6. Exit the game and wait for your launcher to automatically copy Chain World back to the USB stick.
7. Pass the USB stick to someone else who expresses interest.
8. Never discuss what you saw or did in Chain World with anyone.
9. Never play again.

For more information visit the Chain World website.