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Shields Holding at 100%!

Free Minecraft Server
Hello and welcome back to Blackreaver Minecraft Server! We have been on a long period of troubles which manifested in temporary map woes, griefers abound and worse still… Treepers. But no more. Now be a clever fellow and read this entire post before asking the Admins needlessly ingame.

Obligatory information – to enter the server, type Minecraftserver.com into your multiplayer IP address box in the Minecraft client.

The builders rights application process is in full effect.

The thread can be found here.

You are required to post your application in our forum thread, an Admin will need to check up on it so we can confirm you and make you builder on Minecraft Server.

So after a long absence, Natbyte has returned from the depths of the Nether, stronger than ever and he brought back a whole bag of Goodies!

Ranks & Permissions!
Chest Protection!

And much more!

Please be aware – All rules are in full effect. If you try to grief, you’ll just get what’s coming to you. Otherwise you are free to add awesome things to the lands!