MinecraftServer.com Emerald Update

MinecraftServer.com Emerald Update

Well our 1.3.1 Minecraft server is up and running and with it comes several new changes that all good players would want to be made aware of…


We have brought in a new map for several reasons. One, the large biomes rock, and two we can have a more integrated map with jungles being close to spawn and high mountains and emeralds being more evenly distributed. Also – if you read below – there are some rule changes that will just work better with a new map. The Old map? Saved and should make an appearance as a linked world you can visit, but it will be read-only. You won’t be able to build. We however may work out a way to transfer buildings from the old map later to the new map…


Your money has been reset. No tools or inventory will be brought to the new world. Existing ranks remain and carry over, so if you were a Traveller, you will be a Traveller in the new world. Also as ever the Donator abilities carry over to the new world if you have supported the server in the past. If you were banned (and not one of the select super idiots who will never be pardoned) you even get a pardon to come back and try playing again in the new world.


You will be pleased to hear if you were a Donor on the last map, you will be a donor here. However Donor is now a rank modifier and not a rank in its own right, however this allows you to become for example a Hunter with your Donor abilites.

Elder is also a rank modifier and has the same abilites as the last map, you can still breathe underwater with a golden helmet, create colored signs and use the /depth command, however now you can be any other rank if you choose to with the Elder abilites, so you can be an Elder Trader. All existing Elders will now be the Settlers rank, but have the Elders rank modifier applied already.


There have been changes to the staff as well. Some staff are no longer staff. It is not because they did anything wrong, it is just because we wanted to go in a different direction. A big thanks to anyone who didn’t make the cut, please treat them all with the respect they deserve for having volunteered. Oh yes and some staff have even been promoted Check the staff wiki page for updates!

We now have an application process for new Helpers! —Click Here To Apply—

What are helpers? Well some staff ranks are changing name to better reflect what they actually do. Staff rank colors are changing as well.

Helpers (Formely “Moderators”)

Moderators (Formerly “Lead Moderators”)

Administrators (No change)

Overseers (Formerly “Lead Admins”)


  • McMMO is in place to help keep track of your stats and to reward you a bit when you get higher levels.
  • The /back command is gone. Plan your death accordingly.
  • Now when you die a chest will appear with your stuff. You have a limited amount of time to get to it before it unlocks and anyone can open it. However you will need to purchase this new ability and be carrying a chest and a sign.
  • New Chest / Door / Furnace / Block locking and protecting see the commands section on the Wiki.
  • Warps are BACK! (However they will be very limited in use!)
  • Regions are purchased by the players from the King see here for help, or ask staff to assist.
  • Emerdollars are the new currency, you start with 50.00 and can earn more in game or by voting for the server.
  • You can now /sell hand to sell the item in your hand directly to the King (Server). Also /worth will tell you what something is worth. Prices WILL change and fluctuate!
  • Ranks will cost a lot more and also require an application on the forums.
  • PvP and Grief are still allowed in the Nether. However you can now region in the nether if you like to protect your area.


Settler – Click for details

Traveller – Click for details

Trader – Click for details

Hunter – Click for details

Mayor – Click for details

Other ranks to be released very soon:




One other rank available in 3 months time, as at this time nothing exists on the new map to be reavered.


So to make this clear to players any of the above ranks can now be stacked with rank modifiers, the rank modifiers are three fold, you can purchase some abilities via a server donation, giving you the Donator Super, Donator Plus, or standard Donor rank suffix, All players who have been a member of the server for 90 days, qualify for the Elder rank and the abilities this provides. Finally you can customise your rank buy purchasing additional specific abilites for EmerDollars in the Kings Study in his castle, for example you can now be a Hunter, Elder, Super Donator with /tpa

  1. Architect was released! I assume more info on ranks will come in time (:

  2. Nice server

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