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Minecraft Server BuildingsThere is a few things to be aware of at this time, due to the Beta update that has come and gone. Read this entire post before asking the Admins needlessly ingame.

Obligatory info – to enter the server, type Minecraftserver.com into your multiplayer IP address box in the Minecraft client.

First of all, we are currently running a temporary map, which is on a free-to-build basis. Meaning you do not have to apply for builder rights on this map. However, this only temporary.

The application process is not suspended indefinitely.

You are still encouraged to post your application in our thread, as the Admins will need to check up on it when the normal map returns.

The thread can be found here.

Secondly, you might be wondering why we aren’t running any plugins at all. This is due to an incompability with both the unofficial 134 build of hMod and the CraftBukkit preview. Without a server wrapper, we cannot run plugins, and as such the server is lacking a lot of functionality.

Included, but not limited to, is the lack of setting a /home location, using warps or stargates, chest protection and area protection through Cuboid, player ranks and channel chat.

The big question – when will all functionality be restored? There is no definite timeframe set. Natbyte, the server owner, is currently busy with other things, and will get back to sorting it out
when he finds the time. Until then, try not to ask the Admins all the time.

Finally, there has been a surge in griefer activity on the server, stemming from the free-to-build status and lack of protection plugins. Despite the temporary map status, our rules are still in full effect. If you mess up, you will be banned. Play fair and relax for a while, until the server goes back to its normal status.

Server Status:  Buildable, with a light touch of griefing.

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