Minecraft Server Building Competition

Minecraft Server Building Contest
Fancy winning an iPod Touch? Well Minecraft Server is holding a building contest, if you are the winner this is just what you will be rewarded with for your efforts. Participating builders will need to solo build due to the nature of the prize. All creations must be original, hand built and be built from scratch within the contests duration.

Minecraft Server Building Contest Rules:

– You can submit up to 3 screenshots of your structure.
– Screenshots need to be emailed to Natbyte for initial judging before the closing date.
– You can add a description of the screenshots.
– Texture packs can be used for the screenshots.
– A pre-selection of 5 finalists will be made by Natbyte.
– Entries will need to be verified they exist on minecraftserver.com.
– Finalists will be placed into a public vote on the minecraft server website.
– The more creative and innovative the better.
– Remeber visual appeal is important.
– This is a solo build competition.
– The Winner will receive an iPod Touch

Closing Date April 30th 2011

Any questions just post in the comments and they will be answered.

  1. What is the new closing date? I heard something about since we were on the temp map it was being extended… could someone confirm please?

  2. How can you be made a member

  3. Hai er Nat, will the contest be slightly pushed forward due to the old server map downtime? Because some of us arn’t quite finished our creations. I’d just like to post this to show my concern :P Thanks~

  4. What are the rules?

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