Minecraft Server 1.7

Minecraft Server 1.7
Minecraft server 1.7 has now been released, the two new key gameplay updates are the introduction of the pistons and shears,  along with a number of minor tweaks as listed below. The server has now been updated and is currently running the latest version of the Minecraft server 1.7.2 and the current released Bukkit build for 1.7.2, a small number of our games Bukkit plugins are not yet upto date however enough of our key plugins are working without any real issues so the temporary world map has been replaced with our original map, so login and have a play with the new features.

New Features:

- Added pistons.
- Fixed clay generation.
- Fire or redstone is now required to trigger TNT.
- Fences can be stacked.
- Added Shears.
- Redstone wire now will connect to a repeater
- Shears can be used to pick up leaf blocks.
- Shears can be used to shear sheep without hurting them.
- Sheep no longer drop wool from being punched, only from being killed when they are unsheared.
- New textures for Cobblestone and Brick blocks.
- Silverfish skin was added.
- When pressing F3 in-game, a value from 0 to 3 will appear to indicate direction.
- The gray textures in the breaking animation have been replaced with opacity.
- Spawn rate of Squids increased.
- Single slabs now use the bottom half of the full block’s texture.
- Cobweb now requires shears or a sword to be broken properly, and drops 1 string when destroyed.
- The bed side texture has been moved in the texture pack file, as well as the cake texture.

Bug Fixes:

- Crashed worlds now work again.
- Disappearing piston fixes.
- Piston machine that duplicates blocks is now fixed.
- Pistons that caused crashing for multiplayer servers fixed.
- Fixed piston bug.
- Fixed right clicking on a sheep empty-handed causing game to crash.
- Worlds that crashed are now loadable again.

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