Minecraft 1.3.1 Personal Log

Minecraft 1.3.1 New Start

Personal Log. First and last entry. I never expected myself to be able to hold out this long. With the pacemaker destroyed, my heart could pop at any given time. At least this will give me the chance to do one last thing before I go. Explain everything…

Today it is 5/1/1 After Fusion (AF). We started a new count. It felt appropriate. After all that happened, keeping date was the least of our worries. But where to begin? I would say with what caused all this. The Black-Fusion Reactor.

The Black-Fusion Reactor (BFR). The greatest promise for all of us. Eternal and clean energy for all. We could have thrived. However, there was just one obstacle. Human nature. I would love to explain how the BFR came to place, but unless you are a physicist like I am, you would not be interested. Just skip the part designated by a “###“.


The BFR used a new theory found by a small time scientist by accident. The Pluro-Atomic Dimensional Assimilation Theory, or PADAT for short. Brilliant theory. It stated that, since any object that went faster than light could travel between dimensions (The failed time-travel of 2043) then light is the same in all dimensions, and holds them all together. He was right. By changing light itself to such a fundamental degree that it wasn’t light anymore, would force the equivalent light from other dimensions to give away part of their energy to restore the light here to their original power. In other words, you were siphoning power from other dimensions.

Don’t start to think that this is evil and that you are taking away from other dimensions. This was the main reason Black-Fusion wasn’t followed, until the Dimension Rift Current Theory by another Scientists, 3 years later. He discovered that the transfer of energy happens all the time, especially in places with sentient beings. For every possible outcome of a situation, there is a dimension. If this is the case, wouldn’t a sentient being crash this entire dimension creation system? So many potential outcomes. It didn’t though, and people discovered that when a sentient being inhabits a world, there is a hole in the dimensional “wall”. Instead of making a new dimension at every turn, it would just send out a surge of Anti-Options, the options not taken, to the other side. To send it through, a small bit of our energy would be siphoned. A place with a lot of energy will have their sentient beings develop faster in order to give out energy faster, whilst a place with little will let their sentient beings develop slower. It’s a balance.

So, this all combined into one final theory: We take out energy through the reactor. We then develop more as sentient beings, and give out more anti-options to keep the other side full. We were effectively powering them with the roads not taken. A Win-Win situation. With this, the construction of the Black-Fusion Reactor began. The design was simple. By using technology already applicable with other aspects, it would slow down the light particle through a semi circular conductor. This slowed particle would then be fed energy from the other side, effectively siphoning it, to regain its original speed. It would then be sent off to be harnessed by special panels that takes out the other-dimensional light and continues the loop again. However, doing this alone would create a dimensional instability. You can’t have mass travel over just like that. So, to fix it, we send back the same amount of mass, but with less energy.


So, all in all, you gain energy through the other dimension, and take out unwanted mass from this dimension. When the BFR was first planned, we believed that we would simply send over all pollutants currently present on the earth, for the big burst of energy that occurs when you rip the Dimensional Wall apart, and then continue to fuel it with hydrogen, taken from water. Sounds simple, does it not? As I said, the technology was fine. The only problem was human nature.

The company in charge, Examart, didn’t know a thing. They were just planning on creating this reactor for pure reasons. The CEO himself wanted nothing but that. However, one of the members of the board didn’t think it to be revolutionary enough. Being a massive shareholder, the quicker the profits came, the better. She wanted to, instead of just sending out pollutants and then hydrogen, send out all pollutants and then also all fossil fuels, by lengthening the dimensional rift. Exavious did not know that the board member that was lobbying to put herself as head of the project was none other than the same board member planning to remove all competition. With fossil fuels out of the way, who could compete?

Naturally, this didn’t exactly run according to plan. One of the scientists, working on the project, observed the effect of prolonging the rift in a small testing chamber. Certain that prolonging it would mean a potential dimensional meltdown, he informed the Board member to see the light. He died in his sleep the next day, and the project was continued. Everything would be fine, if it wasn’t for a timed tape sent to the authorities by the same, dead, scientist. Examart was closed due to investigations. But that didn’t stop the board member. Locking herself up in the construction area, she said that she would blow the entire dimensional rift wide open if anyone went after her.

In a fit of panic at these events, many people went into exile, believing that this BFR will be the end of them all. A small extremist group joined them. This group was called the Prowlers, a small secret society, who wanted nothing more than to live in secrecy in the tunnels surrounding Exile. The perfect people to use to get to the underground BFR, not far away. The Military Extremist group, the Shadow Roses, used the Prowlers and the Exile to get to this reactor, boycotting it. They placed a small fuse, short-circuiting it. They would have been fine, and everything would have been prevented, if not for a small little technology, not planned in the blueprint, was added by the Board Member. A manual fuse.

This fuse, which bypassed the usual and sabotaged entry path, could be used to hotwire the entire thing to blow. It could also be used to bypass the sabotage. On the day of the activation, the BFR started. It never stopped. The short circuit was instead of keeping the energy out, keeping the energy in. An infinite siphon loop was created, continuously sucking out energy from the other world, and replacing it with the mass here. Our world was quietly being taken out, molecule by molecule, and replaced with pure energy. We wouldn’t be alive here, right now, it if wasn’t for the fail saves put into the device. Since we were partially made of Carbon, we couldn’t possibly just let it take out all carbon. We made sure that it would not siphon any humans. So, when the rift opened, we weren’t taken out one molecule at a time. We went in as a whole.

Now, we’re in a new world, in a new place, but there are a lot of changes. Exavious, the previous CEO, resigned from his high chair, believing that all this corporate shenanigans is nothing for him, and he would rather live a more peaceful life. The government decided to revamp the current governing system. But these are all minor things. Things are different on a molecular level too.

Firstly, the basics of any dimension. There are basic things any dimension have, the smaller molecules, like Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and stuff similar to that. It’s impossible for a dimension to have sentient life without it, and it’s impossible to be sent to any dimension without sentient life. Other similarities exist too, such as Iron. Diamonds are compressed coals, and coal is made out of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen too. Many things we had in the other world exist there too, and redstone, a substance only known to our dimension, was simply transferred over. The only difference is Gold.

The common dimensional item for global value is one with atomic number 79. Anything with atomic number 79 is valued by the people living there. In our world it was Gold. But in the New World, this is a strange, gem-like item, which we named Emeralds, due to their similarities. The only difference is that the gem is a gem, not made out of one atomic structure. This was. It was made purely from atomic number 79. And it conflicted with Gold. The gold we managed to transfer here isn’t really of this dimension. It is unstable at best. Gold can become incorporable within moments, and simply disappear within days, or could stay there for hours. It became dubbed the 78.5th Atom, due to it not being a full atom anymore. With gold losing its property as a reliable metal, many people forsook it, and instead wanted to take upon emeralds. But not a single person had any.

So the clever leaders of the government decided that it was time for a representational currency. Hence, the birth of EmerDollars.

Now, this might explain almost everything but one thing. The place where every person of the last world appeared. The place where a great civilization must have first stood. Great and magnificent buildings stand there now, but empty, driven away by the dimensional rift. The area there is not of any dimension anymore, creating a gut-wrenching feeling whenever you are close. People can’t live there anymore. But who were those people? What do they do now? Questions even I can’t answer.

With nothing but a false beauty behind them, people now turn to the horizon to show them the way. Everything is different now. Laws of physics change when traveling through dimensions. The era of the scientists are over. Now is a new era, and I am honored to have been a part of it, even if it is for so short.

Goodbye Stylether……..

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