Minecraft 1.1 Download Released

Download Minecraft 1.1 Update Released:

Today Mojang released a new update to Minecraft! The new version is 1.1 and give us a lot of new content!

The following features have been added to Minecraft 1.1 :

– Bow Enchantments
– Golden Apple recipe
– New language translations.
– Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes
– Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds
– Added spawn eggs to creative (the colors of the eggs even look like the mobs)
– Added world type options (currently only super-flat and default)
– Removed collision box from ladders
– Sheep eat grass and regain their wool

Also there are a ton of bugfixes, and tweaks to the terrain to make it look better. Just run Minecraft as you normaly would to update your copy of Minecraft to version 1.1.

Download Links Minecraft 1.1 Server:

Download Minecraft 1.1 Server

Download Links Minecraft 1.1 Client:

Download Minecraft 1.1 Client

MinecraftServer.com Minecraft 1.1 Servers:

With a new update also comes a new server version, we currently run:

– Minecraft 1.1 on Minecraftserver.com (Requires Client version 1.1)

– Minecraft 1.0 on Minecraftserver.com:25566 (Requires Client version 1.0)

The Minecraft 1.1 server will be running a temporary map untill Bukkit is updated to support the 1.1 server.

The Minecraft 1.0 server currently runs Bukkit and all the plugins.

Updating Minecraft 1.1:

When updating, make sure you have made a back-up of your current minecraft.jar in case you want to play Minecraft 1.0.

This is how: (Windows)
– Press the Windows sign and r on your keyboard.
– In the promptmenu type in ‘%appdata%’ (Without the ”).
– Open .minecraft and go to the folder named ‘bin’.
– Select minecraft.jar and copy, now paste it somewhere you can find it, or paste it in the same folder and rename it.
– Run Minecraft as you normaly would to update.

To play Minecraft 1.0 again: (Windows)
– Press the Windows sign and r on your keyboard.
– In the promptmenu type in ‘%appdata%’ (Without the ”).
– Open .minecraft and go to the folder named ‘bin’.
– Delete or rename the file ‘minecraft.jar’.
– Place back now place the copy you made earlier back into the folder and name it minecraft (The extension is .jar and thus is not needed as part of the name)
– Start Minecraft as you normaly would and click Not now when asked to update.

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