Creative Server Constructor Rank

Any player can qualify for the Constructor rank on the Creative server, the Constructor rank gives you the following additional benefits and commands:

You can emote in chat with /me
You can send a receive mail with /mail
You receive a blue name in chat.
Your name is blue above your head.
Granted a third plot to build on.
Can use colors on signs.
Access the Constructors only chat channel, type /ch c to join.
Use the /tpa command to teleport to others.
Use the /tpahere command allowing others to teleport to your location.
Access to the /ptime command, allowing you to change the time of day. If you use an @ prefix to the time, the time will be locked, and won’t change gradually.

Additional WolrdEdit Commands

//redo – Redoes the last action (from history).
//undo – Undoes the last action.
//replace – Replace all blocks in the selection with another.
//set – Set all the blocks inside the selection to a block.
/tool tree – Tree generator tool.

Follow these instructions to become gain the Constructor rank on’s Creative server.

1) Go here:

2) Create an account on that website (NOT ON THIS WEBSITE).

3) Check your email for a validation email so they can validate your account.

4) Go here: thread

5) Click on “Reply to this topic” (Middle right of your screen)

6) Type your in game name like this Constructor:yourplayername

7) Click on “Add Reply” (below what you typed) to save your post.

Then ask a Overseer to promote you to the Constructor rank on the Creative server!

(They will check the forums to see your application.)

Still having problems? Here is a youtube video that will walk you through signing up.