May 25, 2013
  • Travellers (purple name in chat)

    Requirements - Can be purchased for 120,000 EmerDollars.

    Abilities - Can chat and message, can join and leave chat channels, can access the main world, nether, the end, can use signs, can use and create Stargates. Can buy and sell items to chest Shops, can sell items to the server, can gamble in casinos, can use upto 55 protections for items such as doors, chests, furnaces. Can set three homes. Can buy up to 200 Lottery tickets. Can search for catacombs, Can buy and sell item in Auctions. Can jump to locations using a compass. Can create and destroy Stargates.

    A Travellers can use a compass to jump to the location in the cross hair, this allows for fast travelling for a maximum jump of 50 blocks.

    Commands Available -

    Inherits all Settler Commands plus

    /top - Teleport to the top of a structure, or if underground to the surface directly above you.
    /kit traveller - allows you to summon a compass once a day, 10 obsidian blocks and 2 signs.
    /warp - allows listing of available warps.

    Players can apply to become a Traveller here.

    Travellers have a dedicated channel available to them -- /ch trav
    To enter it, please message another traveller for the password.

    There is also a travelllers' Guild, which one can enter by using the stargate network "Travellers". It is free to enter for all travellers only :)