May 25, 2013
  • Trader (gold name in chat)

    Requirements - Can be purchased for 25,000 EmerDollars.

    Abilities - Can chat and message, can join and leave chat channels, can access the main world, nether, can use signs, can use Stargates. Can buy and sell items to chest Shops, can sell items to the server, can gamble in casinos, can use upto 75 protections for items such as doors, chests, furnaces. Can set two homes. Can buy upto 100 Lottery tickets. Can search for catacombs, Can buy and sell item in Auctions. Can make make unlimited Chestshops with no charges. Has access to 5000 Emerdollar overdraft available to use. Can create and destroy [Balance] signs, A simple sign which displays the players balance, when it's right-clicked. Can sort chests by hitting them with a blaze rod. Exclusive access to the Traders Den unobtainable items market, only Traders are able to buy items from the unobtainable items market, they can then resell to other players via their Chestshops. Gets free tombstone chests and signs without the need to carry a chest or sign, however Traders still need to have purchased the tombstone perk ability. Traders also pay no fees when selling an item in an auction.

    Commands Available -

    Inherits all Settlers Commands plus

    /stack - Allows for quick compacting of items into stacks.
    /advert - Allows traders for a cost of $50 to advertise in chat, adverts have a 15 min timer between uses traders can promote Shops, towns, or anything they wish providing it is related to MinecraftServer, they can also sell adverts to other players for a fee.
    /sort top - Sorts top part of the player's inventory.
    /sort all - Sorts all of the player's inventory.
    /sort hot - Sorts the player's hotbar.
    /warp - Allows listing of available warps.
    /warp tradersden - Access the Traders Den item shop, bring plenty of money.
    /kit trader - Gives you two chests and two signs, a blaze rod for sorting of chests, available per day.

    Players can apply to become a Trader here.

    Traders have a dedicated channel available to them -- /ch traders
    To enter it, please message another trader for the password.