Jan 22, 2016
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    Moderators are chosen by the Overseers for the purpose of enforcing fair-play rules and providing guidance for user interaction and behavior. This includes actively assisting players who have suffered grief, investigating user grief activity retroactively and enforcing punishments for violations. Other duties include intervening during trespassing or PVP interaction between players, and keeping chat flowing smoothly, reporting suspected X-rayers in the staff forum for investigation by either an Administrator or Overseer.

    "Wait, so how did you know he was using X-Ray?" -MgnfcntBstrd
    "I followed him for three days, silently and invisibly. I didn't eat, I didn't sleep. On the first day he logged in and he said: 'Hi guys!' and then he spent 4 minutes at a craft bench. Then he … " -Grasshoppeh

    "-nevermind." -MgnfcntBstrd
    Application process: There is no application process to become a Moderator, Overseers keep up to date with the the need for staff. If there is a need for a new Moderator they probably already have someone in mind.

    Moderators code of conduct

    Moderators will:
    • Help Settlers in the application process and understanding the rules.
    • Assist players with informational questions and gameplay issues, where possible.
    • Assist with any region questions a player may have. If they are having trouble, direct them to the region creation guide video found in-game.
    • Encourage users to use /sethome and /home for their private residence.
    • Be helpful and courteous with users, where possible.
    • Ban users found to be griefing or stealing based only on information provided by server tools. This does not extend to hearsay or supplication from builders. Users caught stealing should be taken to prison or executed on the spot to recover stolen items before being warned the conduct is not acceptable, if the player in question continues to grief or steal they are to be banned.
    • Report suspected X-rayers in the correct sub forum for peer review by Administrators and Overseers.
    • Kick or mute users who are spamming chat. Ban users who do not take a hint.
    • Remain reasonably courteous with users; even those they are in the process of executing, punishing and/or banning.
    • Organize Events.
    • Contribute to the Forum and Wiki.
    Moderators Will Not:
    • Bicker, argue, fight, bitch, or moan at other staff members. If you want to argue, you will do it in the staff channel, in tells, or not at all.
    • Punish other staff members except in extreme situations where that Moderator is actively griefing or stealing.
    • Harass or abuse users. This includes actions which cause damage, such as peppering them with arrows.
    • Order users to do something that is not directly involved with the Moderators duties.
    • Advise, cajole, intimidate or trick users into breaking Server Rules.
    • Go against the direct stated orders of an Administrator or Overseer
    Tips & tricks
    • Remember that a courteous warning will head off most problems before they become actionable.
    • Respect other staff members and not interfere with their duties. If you have a problem with the actions of another mod, take a screenshot and bring it up with an Admin or Overseer
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