Nov 28, 2014
  • Mayor (yellow name in chat)

    Requirements - Can be purchased for 50,000 EmerDollars.

    Abilities - Can chat and message, can join and leave chat channels, can access the main world, nether, can use signs, can use Stargates. Can buy and sell items to chest Shops, can sell items to the King, can use upto 100 protections for items such as doors, chests, furnaces. Can set five homes. Can buy upto 200 Lottery tickets. Can search for catacombs, Can buy and sell item in Auctions. Can create and destroy [Disposal] signs they acts like a sign that eats items, when it's right-clicked.

    After purchasing the Mayor rank you will qualify for a 150 (length) x 150 (width) x 256 (height, sky to bedrock) protected region this will need to be marked out by the Mayor where he requires his town region of 150 x 150 x 256 to be placed. A staff member will then create this region for the Mayor, the Mayor will be required to provide the name for the region, this will then be the town name.

    Mayors can also have 1 pig spawner placed in their town, only the Mayor can request this, once placed it can not be moved. The pig spawner will be placed by an Overseer at the Mayors request this can be at any point in time and not as soon as the rank is purchased or town created.

    All towns are allowed 1 warp, that will be created by a staff member at the location the Mayor chooses, this can be at any point in time and not as soon as the rank is purchased or town created. The warp name must be the name of the town. Once the warp is created, the Mayor will be able to warp directly to the town using the /warp <townname> command.

    Once the town warp has been created it will be recognised officially by the King, this named warp will then be added to the fast travel shop at the Kings spawn castle, where players will be able to purchase warp access to specific towns as they choose, purchasing access to a town warp will provide the player with the /warp <townname> ability for as long as the town exists.

    Commands Available -

    Inherits all Settlers Commands plus

    /kit mayor - a kit of items for clearing your land, available once every 24 hours.
    /warp - allows listing of available warps.
    /warp <townname> - warp directly to your town.
    /ex - Instantly extinguish nearby fires.
    /hat - Place a block on your head, hold a block in your hand type /hat. See how you look press F5

    Players can apply to become a Mayor here.