Nov 28, 2014
  • Hunters (red name in chat)

    Requirements - Can be purchased for 40,000 EmerDollars.

    Abilities - Can chat and message, can join and leave chat channels, can access the main world, nether, the end, can use signs. Can buy and sell items to Chestshops, can use Stargates, can sell items to the the King, can use upto 45 protections for items such as doors, chests, furnaces. Can set four homes. Can buy upto 200 Lottery tickets. Can search for catacombs, Can buy and sell item in Auctions.

    Hunters can also catch a number of mob types by throwing an egg at them, you however do need to have enough redstone dust in your inventory to magically trap the mob in the egg, these can then be sold, traded or the mob released from the egg when needed. This is a great way to easily transport creatures around with you. Nearly all mobs types can be caught, even creepers some are just harder to capture than others. However none of the villagers can be captured as these are under the protection of the King.

    Hunters also have the ability to shapeshift and disguise themselves as a number of creatures these are sheep in any color, tamed or aggressive wolf (or even a baby wolf), and the silverfish. Hunters when disguised are not targetted by mobs, however if you attack another mob when disguised they will attack you back, remember being disguised is a great way to capture mobs inside eggs.

    Commands Available -

    Inherits all Settlers Commands plus

    /kit hunter - allows to to summon eggs for mob catching, arrows and a bow once a day.
    /heal - allows healing of your wounds, this can be used once every 600 seconds.
    /d <color> sheep - disguise as a colored sheep.
    /d <tamed/aggressive/baby> wolf - Disguise as a tamed or aggressive wolf
    /d silverfish - disguise as either a silverfish.
    /u or /undis or /undisguise - undisguise yourself.

    Players can apply to become a Hunter here.

    Hunters have a dedicated channel available to them -- /ch hunters
    To enter it, please message another hunter for the password.