How to apply for ranks

Jun 14, 2015
How to apply for ranks
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    When you first join the server you will notice that the colour of your name is Green/Gray. Depending on the server you have joined (creative or survival). This is the first rank you get on these servers. This is a very limited rank and in order to get to the next rank you will have to apply. If you just joined Survival, you will automatically be able to build on our server and perform basic Commands. It is recommended that you apply for Citizen once you get playing, as citizens have additional perks such as /msg, /mail, and setting up to two homes.


    The application process for Citizen on Survival is quite easy and it is taken in these steps.
    [1] Get to know the server rules, [They can be found here]
    [2] Do /register send (email)
    [3] Check your email and receive your code. (Make sure to check your spam folder too)
    [4] Go back in game and type /register confirm (code)
    [5] Enjoy your new rank.

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