Dec 23, 2014
  • Helpers
    Chat-Prefix: [*]

    Helpers are chosen by the Administrators for the purpose of assisting players with issues they can not resolve themselves. This includes promoting settlers to citizens, ushering of new Settlers to FAQ areas, answering of general game questions and responding to grief alerts and dealing with users caught actively harming other players or buildings.

    "Hmmm... nooo, but I bet a mod can help you with that." -MgnfcntBstrd
    Helpers code of conduct

    Helpers will:
    • Help Settlers in the application process and understanding the rules, within reasonable limits, they will not apply for you.
    • Jail players who go against the Server Rules. This is for more minor offense or to keep them from doing anything else while waiting for a ban.
    • Mute players who are spamming, harassing, or any other form of chat annoyance / offense.
    • Promote Settlers to Citizens once they have applied
    • Be a general guide for new players and help them get started.
    • Assist players with informational questions and game play issues, where possible.
    • Assist with region creation for users if needed, Settlers can now create their own regions.
    • Encourage users to use /sethome and /home for their private residence.
    • Be helpful and courteous with users, where possible.
    • Contribute to the Forum.
    Helpers Will Not:
    • Bicker, argue, fight, bitch, or moan at other staff members. If you want to argue, you will do it in the staff channel, in tells, or not at all.
    • Punish other staff members except in extreme situations where that staff member is actively griefing or stealing.
    • Harass or abuse users. This includes actions which cause damage, such as peppering them with arrows.
    • Order users to do something that is not directly involved with the Helpers duties.
    • Advise, cajole, intimidate or trick users into breaking Server Rules.
    • Go against the direct stated orders of an Administrator or Overseer
    Tips & tricks
    • Remember that a courteous warning will head off most problems before they become actionable.
    • Respect other staff members and not interfere with their duties. If you have a problem with the actions of another staff member, take a screenshot and bring it up with that staff members responsible Administrator or an Overseer.