Server Donations

Mar 25, 2016
Server Donations
  • Why should I bother to donate?

    Minecraft Server costs money to operate being a high end dedicated server a rental fee is due every month. Every single donation no matter how large or small received will help us to improve the server specification and expand the number of player slots.

    All donations are used to pay for the server rental costs, any excess monthly donations are used towards the following months server rental costs.

    If you make a donation of (£5.00 or more),($8.00 or more),(€6.00 or more) you will be entitled to receive additional in game benefits including the ability to fly around, four configurable homes (personal warps). Finally in recognition for your donation towards the server you will also receive a custom chat suffix.

    Paypal is used for our donations and deals with currency conversion, taking the donation from your account in your local currency, you will not incur any bank charge if you already have a Paypal. However you can also manually enter credit card details to make a donation to help with supporting the server.

    Donor status does not mean you the player are immune to Server Rules or good etiquette, you can and will be jailed or even banned for not following our rules, please do not abuse or misuse any advantage given to you by donating.

    By donating you agree to abide by the terms and conditions above and accept that they can change at any time. Any money given is a donation and a donation only. It is in no way shape or form an offer for products and or services. No guarantees are made nor should be expected, no refunds are given.

    We have three classes of Donator, these being listed below with the following benefits:

    Donator [+]

    - Use /fly to fly in game!
    - Create 4 personal warps.
    - Bypass server full limit.
    - Custom chat suffix.
    - Use /me command to emote in chat

    Plus Donator [++]

    As Donator above plus:

    - Use of /chest command your personal mobile chest.
    - Use of /craft your personal mobile workbench.

    Super Donator [+++]

    As Donator Plus above plus:

    - Use /, //, or /// for super pickaxe, blocks break with one hit.
    - Create 8 personal warps.
    - Access /near command.
    - Unlimited AFK.

    Additional Packages*
    *Additional packages not available at this time.

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