Jun 11, 2015
  • Administrators
    Chat-Prefix: [*]

    Administrators are promoted by Overseers for the purpose of dealing with game glitches, dealing with less obvious forms of griefing and stealing, and making determinations in conflicts between Players and lower ranked staff. Administrators are capable of all but the most server-crashing, user deleting Commands available.

    "What would be a good criteria for choosing admins, do you think?" -BSPiotr

    "Naked pictures." -MgnfcntBstrd

    "Why would you want naked pictures of these guys?" -Stanky2

    "Guys? Who the hell would-? ::ahem:: Honestly, don't you think we have enough male staff? It's unfair, really." -MgnfcntBstrd
    Overseers choose Administrators, and no recommendations, requests, applications or sexual favors will sway their determination.

    Administrators Code of conduct

    Admins will :
    • Fill in and do other staff duties (If they are not busy)
    • Enforce Server Rules evenly and without regard to personal favoritism.
    • Maintain reasonable punishments in line with the rule broken and the degree of harm it caused.
    • Review suspected X-rayers based upon the posts in the staff forum, investigate the user in question.
    • Remember that the server tools provide a certain viewpoint, which may or may not be complete or updated, or may be subject to other issues, such as map rollbacks, administrative action, etc.
    • To prevent duplication, ensure rolled-back blocks are destroyed in the greifer/thief's inventory.
    • Assist with conflict resolution where necessary.
    • Organize Events
    • Contribute to the Forum and Wiki.
    Yeah... that's about it. The admins know what they are supposed to do.

    Admins will not:
    • Argue or interfere with other staff members on public chat.
    • Advise, cajole, intimidate or trick users into breaking Server Rules.
    • Go against the direct stated orders of an Overseer
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