Survival Wilderness Survival 1.13 Ongoing Updates

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    Aug 13th 2018
    - Spigot 1.13 updated to build 1784
    - Updated /help text with additional commands.
    - Updates /rules formatting now matches other in game texts.
    - Created a new custom Welcome Message upon joining the server.
    - Formatted /trade commands to match other help pages.
    - Added /trade to the /help commands list.
    - Custom join/leave server messages added and updated.

    Aug 12th 2018
    - Spigot 1.13 updated to build 1782
    - Forum software updated.

    Aug 11th 2018

    - Spigot 1.13 updated to build 1775
    - Website redirect added, entering just in a web browser now redirects here.

    Aug 9th 2018

    - Spigot 1.13 updated to build 1769
    - Claimblocks earned increased to 125 per hour played.
    - Players are informed when item durability reaches 10% durability left.
    - Auto AFK is set to 10 mins of no activity, players are auto kicked after 2 hours of AFK.
    - /coords is now an alias of /pos as players are used to /coords.

    Aug 8th 2018

    - Spigot 1.13 updated to build 1765
    - Allowed player overwritting of Home location.
    - Player to Player trading via GUI has been enabled see below for commands.

    Trade Commands:

    /trade - Shows all possible trade commands and information.
    /trade [playername] - Sends trade offer to specified player.
    /trade accept - Accept currently pending trade request or click Accept on the screen.
    /trade deny - Refuses a players trade request.
    /trade block [playername] - Blocks trade requests from player (per user).
    /trade toggle - Toggles global trade accepts (per user).

    Aug 7th 2018
    - Spigot 1.13 updated to build 1761
    - New player on join issues fixed, no longer gives stone and wood blocks.
    - Spawn temporarily moved and protected. Please note this is not spawns final location.
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