The Building of a Server; The Making of History

One of the many things that we here at MinecraftServer enjoy is the building of a server.

The creation of a new world. The building of a spawn. The first wide-eyed looks of newcomers as they figure out which direction they should head in to build their first dirt shack.

The hours and hours of work that go into plugin management and rule creation only to have people challenge, break, and strain our servers to their very limits 20 minutes later.

But one thing we tend to forget, as minecraft comes of age, is the different maps that we have gone through together. This is now our 5th Blackreaver Map (BR5 for short). We’ve gone through all the motions before, and we’re sure to go through them again if the Minecraft team decide to change the game significantly again; but that is a topic for another day.

Today, we wish to show you the history of our previous map – Cryinia – possibly one of our “defining maps” as a server. The one where we changed everything and challenged traditions established in earlier maps. The one where economy was backed, the one where plots were standard-sized, the one where you all thought you’d be able to transfer over some materials from the previous map only to have WG corrupt the data.

Today, we present to you, our builders and guests, the history of Cryinia, BR4, as presented from the viewpoint of one of our previous admins, DavidTheMerc:

The History of Cryinia

Please note that some or all events described here-in are at artistic license and are only 99% factual. T-Shirts!

For those of you with a need to have physical proof of your love for the server, we have your poison – T-Shirts!

Created by our very own members, chosen by our staff and community, these shirts embodify our server.

Feel free to pick one up if you’re coming to the MinecraftServer 2012 Convention! Or pick one up to give away at X-mas for those people who always get you clothes! Remember, turn-about is fair play!

Please note that buying shirts is does not count towards any donation amount, and is not considered a donation – we don’t get any of this money; the shirts are brought to you at the lowest prices possible.

Flat Land Challenge Voting!

Gentlemen, its time for the vote to end all votes.
After some heavy deliberation among the staff, we have decided on these final 5 entries.
Now YOU get to decide which one wins!

Vote now!

Entry 1:
__Xenome__ Fountain: (Location 200,0)


Entry 2:
Kingofpie222 Fountain: (Location -25,30)


Entry 3:
OwenClaxton Satellite (Location -200,200)


Entry 4:
Smartim Garden (Location 250,75)


Entry 5:
Spriggs107 Dragon (Location 200,800)


Some weird guy gave this to me, I have no idea what to do with it….

Minecraft Madness

Day 1:
My wife left, I lost my my job. The house is falling apart and even the dog ran away sometime last week. I’m tired of this modern world and all of it’s traps and pitfalls. I am not brave enough for suicide and I am just strong enough to walk away. Just yesterday I spent my last bit of money on some camping equipment and a trail ticket to the middle of nowhere. I plan to mine for diamonds and gold, live off the land, and only see people when I need to trade for food or goods.

Day 4:
I chopped down a few trees and build a simple cabin that I can call home for now. It’s located out in Mystery Valley which seems to be about as far away from everyone as you can get. There are beautiful mountains everywhere and more trees than I could ever need. This place is my new paradise. I will thrive here.

Day 5:
I work up early and went outside only to be greeted by some ugly green mutherfucker who exploded and took out over half of what I spent the last four days building. Why me?

Day 10:
I guess those green creepy bastards are more suicidal than me, but I’ve managed to stay ahead of them, out run them or trick them into falling off of cliffs. I spent a day recovering when one of them got too close and it broke four of my ribs.

Day 12:
I’ve been pretty successful at finding iron, which is nice because I need it to build more tools. But I’m here to find gold and diamonds not be a stupid iron-farmer. But hey I guess it is better than nothing. Some skinny bastard shot an arrow at my head today too. What the hell?

Day 13:
I spent most of he day mining coal. COAL! Gah!

Day 17:
I found some great streams to clean the coal dust off so I don’t look like a lunatic when I’m in town, Spawn as they call it, selling my wares. These streams move pretty fast, good thing I’m an excellent swimmer.

Day 30:
I spend most of my time underground now. Moved my bed down here because it was easier than climbing all the way up my dark tunnel ever night. I’ve been pretty effective at finding iron and gold and even an occasional diamond, but the new market in Spawn doesn’t pay me a lot for them. Seems everyone wants to sell and nobody wants to buy. Especially gold.

Day 40:
I have found the MOTHER LOAD of diamonds. I have never seen anything like this. Not even in pictures. The entire ceiling is full of diamonds. Made a tunnel going back and they don’t seem to stop. I even dug a hole straight up through the bastards and the diamond vein doesn’t seem to stop. I don’t care what the prices are at Spawn. I’m going to be the richest man in the world.

Day 50:
I had to kill someone today. I caught them wandering around my property. They didn’t go into my house, or find my shaft, but I couldn’t take chances. I tossed their body into a cave near my house. I’m not sure how they found me, maybe they saw me enter the stargaze I built to get me back and forth to the Hub so I could sell what I have and buy more pickaxes.

Day 76:
Had to move my bed again. Every time I go to sleep I hear what I think are voices. Maybe it’s the weird creatures that live here, or maybe it’s the thief I killed before 00 now haunting me. I don’t know. Either way I found a way to down out the voices so I could get to sleep.

Day 77:
Had to move again. Fucking angry green things!!!

Day 80:
Saw someone else snooping around. But my thinking ahead took care of that! However I still think I need to relocate again. I’ve stopped mining gold and iron, they weigh too much. But all of my diamonds need moved somewhere safe.

Day 83:
Completed my move… and the wildest thing happened. Those angry guys who’s arms stick straight out. A small group of them befriended me and have agreed to help protect my diamonds. In return I had to help keep everything near their camp nice and dark! I don’t trust me too much, so I put in a door that they would be too stupid to figure out.

Day 100:
I’ve been here one hundred days and found more diamonds than I could ever imagine and while my warp to market works perfectly, I simply can’t be around people anymore. I just don’t trust them. I’ve been setting up traps all over my mines to catch and kill any intruders who may come around. 1 of the angry men helped build some rails, and design another trap. I’ve Named him P.Notred in honor of one of the traps.

Day 124:
I’ve left part of my fortune behind – I’m going to try and make it back into civilization but I’ve hidden clues so i can find this small stash, in case something happens to the big pile of diamonds. I’m not sure I will make it. I just know I need to get out of the region. Every time I look at it something is wrong. It reminds me of my ex-wife Vallery in some weird mysterious way. I miss her. Maybe I can win her back.

Day 130:
Society is evil. They all hate me. I can’t go anywhere without people turning up their noses at me. Vallery won’t talk to me. I’m going to hide this book near my old camp in the desert, if anyone ever finds it. Please know that Angus was here and he tried to be a good man.

Minecraft Server Updated for 1.6.5

Minecraft Beta 1.6.5 Released
Hey guys, just a short update on the current look of things. Minecraft Server has been updated to version 1.6.5, but we are on a temporary map until Notch fixes more bugs and until a RECOMMENDED Bukkit Build is out. Currently, something in Notch’s coding or the server files is causing the server to be highly unstable, so just hang tight and enjoy the weekend while everything gets sorted out =) We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming in no time!

(Unofficial) Minecraft Server Ventrillo

Minecraft Ventrillo Server

Our dear Moderator Dzyriq has graciously opened up a ventrillo server for the rest of us!

You are welcome to come join and chat with the rest of your fellow Minecrafters.

There are just a few simple rules:

1) No Voice Spamming / No Synth / No Harassment / This is not your personal soundboard (i.e no Balls ‘O Steel)
2) Follow all server rules and listen to Moderators and Admins
3) /Ban is still the easiest command
4) You must be online, on the Minecraft Server, in order to be on Vent. (Vets, Donators, Mods & Admins are exempt if the server is not full) If you aren’t, expect a kick, if not a ban.
5) When you first join, you will be as a guest – just poke one of the admins and they’ll set you up so that you can move around to your level of freedom
6) Poor behavior will not be tolerated – a ban on the server will be a ban in the vent server, and visa versa.

So come on in and talk to your fellow friends!
Port: 14562
Password: Soxdomie