MinecraftServer.com Emerald Update

MinecraftServer.com Emerald Update

Well our 1.3.1 Minecraft server is up and running and with it comes several new changes that all good players would want to be made aware of…


We have brought in a new map for several reasons. One, the large biomes rock, and two we can have a more integrated map with jungles being close to spawn and high mountains and emeralds being more evenly distributed. Also – if you read below – there are some rule changes that will just work better with a new map. The Old map? Saved and should make an appearance as a linked world you can visit, but it will be read-only. You won’t be able to build. We however may work out a way to transfer buildings from the old map later to the new map…


Your money has been reset. No tools or inventory will be brought to the new world. Existing ranks remain and carry over, so if you were a Traveller, you will be a Traveller in the new world. Also as ever the Donator abilities carry over to the new world if you have supported the server in the past. If you were banned (and not one of the select super idiots who will never be pardoned) you even get a pardon to come back and try playing again in the new world.


You will be pleased to hear if you were a Donor on the last map, you will be a donor here. However Donor is now a rank modifier and not a rank in its own right, however this allows you to become for example a Hunter with your Donor abilites.

Elder is also a rank modifier and has the same abilites as the last map, you can still breathe underwater with a golden helmet, create colored signs and use the /depth command, however now you can be any other rank if you choose to with the Elder abilites, so you can be an Elder Trader. All existing Elders will now be the Settlers rank, but have the Elders rank modifier applied already.


There have been changes to the staff as well. Some staff are no longer staff. It is not because they did anything wrong, it is just because we wanted to go in a different direction. A big thanks to anyone who didn’t make the cut, please treat them all with the respect they deserve for having volunteered. Oh yes and some staff have even been promoted Check the staff wiki page for updates!

We now have an application process for new Helpers! —Click Here To Apply—

What are helpers? Well some staff ranks are changing name to better reflect what they actually do. Staff rank colors are changing as well.

Helpers (Formely “Moderators”)

Moderators (Formerly “Lead Moderators”)

Administrators (No change)

Overseers (Formerly “Lead Admins”)


  • McMMO is in place to help keep track of your stats and to reward you a bit when you get higher levels.
  • The /back command is gone. Plan your death accordingly.
  • Now when you die a chest will appear with your stuff. You have a limited amount of time to get to it before it unlocks and anyone can open it. However you will need to purchase this new ability and be carrying a chest and a sign.
  • New Chest / Door / Furnace / Block locking and protecting see the commands section on the Wiki.
  • Warps are BACK! (However they will be very limited in use!)
  • Regions are purchased by the players from the King see here for help, or ask staff to assist.
  • Emerdollars are the new currency, you start with 50.00 and can earn more in game or by voting for the server.
  • You can now /sell hand to sell the item in your hand directly to the King (Server). Also /worth will tell you what something is worth. Prices WILL change and fluctuate!
  • Ranks will cost a lot more and also require an application on the forums.
  • PvP and Grief are still allowed in the Nether. However you can now region in the nether if you like to protect your area.


Settler – Click for details

Traveller – Click for details

Trader – Click for details

Hunter – Click for details

Mayor – Click for details

Other ranks to be released very soon:




One other rank available in 3 months time, as at this time nothing exists on the new map to be reavered.


So to make this clear to players any of the above ranks can now be stacked with rank modifiers, the rank modifiers are three fold, you can purchase some abilities via a server donation, giving you the Donator Super, Donator Plus, or standard Donor rank suffix, All players who have been a member of the server for 90 days, qualify for the Elder rank and the abilities this provides. Finally you can customise your rank buy purchasing additional specific abilites for EmerDollars in the Kings Study in his castle, for example you can now be a Hunter, Elder, Super Donator with /tpa

Minecraft 1.3.1 Personal Log

Minecraft 1.3.1 New Start

Personal Log. First and last entry. I never expected myself to be able to hold out this long. With the pacemaker destroyed, my heart could pop at any given time. At least this will give me the chance to do one last thing before I go. Explain everything…

Today it is 5/1/1 After Fusion (AF). We started a new count. It felt appropriate. After all that happened, keeping date was the least of our worries. But where to begin? I would say with what caused all this. The Black-Fusion Reactor.

The Black-Fusion Reactor (BFR). The greatest promise for all of us. Eternal and clean energy for all. We could have thrived. However, there was just one obstacle. Human nature. I would love to explain how the BFR came to place, but unless you are a physicist like I am, you would not be interested. Just skip the part designated by a “###“.


The BFR used a new theory found by a small time scientist by accident. The Pluro-Atomic Dimensional Assimilation Theory, or PADAT for short. Brilliant theory. It stated that, since any object that went faster than light could travel between dimensions (The failed time-travel of 2043) then light is the same in all dimensions, and holds them all together. He was right. By changing light itself to such a fundamental degree that it wasn’t light anymore, would force the equivalent light from other dimensions to give away part of their energy to restore the light here to their original power. In other words, you were siphoning power from other dimensions.

Don’t start to think that this is evil and that you are taking away from other dimensions. This was the main reason Black-Fusion wasn’t followed, until the Dimension Rift Current Theory by another Scientists, 3 years later. He discovered that the transfer of energy happens all the time, especially in places with sentient beings. For every possible outcome of a situation, there is a dimension. If this is the case, wouldn’t a sentient being crash this entire dimension creation system? So many potential outcomes. It didn’t though, and people discovered that when a sentient being inhabits a world, there is a hole in the dimensional “wall”. Instead of making a new dimension at every turn, it would just send out a surge of Anti-Options, the options not taken, to the other side. To send it through, a small bit of our energy would be siphoned. A place with a lot of energy will have their sentient beings develop faster in order to give out energy faster, whilst a place with little will let their sentient beings develop slower. It’s a balance.

So, this all combined into one final theory: We take out energy through the reactor. We then develop more as sentient beings, and give out more anti-options to keep the other side full. We were effectively powering them with the roads not taken. A Win-Win situation. With this, the construction of the Black-Fusion Reactor began. The design was simple. By using technology already applicable with other aspects, it would slow down the light particle through a semi circular conductor. This slowed particle would then be fed energy from the other side, effectively siphoning it, to regain its original speed. It would then be sent off to be harnessed by special panels that takes out the other-dimensional light and continues the loop again. However, doing this alone would create a dimensional instability. You can’t have mass travel over just like that. So, to fix it, we send back the same amount of mass, but with less energy.


So, all in all, you gain energy through the other dimension, and take out unwanted mass from this dimension. When the BFR was first planned, we believed that we would simply send over all pollutants currently present on the earth, for the big burst of energy that occurs when you rip the Dimensional Wall apart, and then continue to fuel it with hydrogen, taken from water. Sounds simple, does it not? As I said, the technology was fine. The only problem was human nature.

The company in charge, Examart, didn’t know a thing. They were just planning on creating this reactor for pure reasons. The CEO himself wanted nothing but that. However, one of the members of the board didn’t think it to be revolutionary enough. Being a massive shareholder, the quicker the profits came, the better. She wanted to, instead of just sending out pollutants and then hydrogen, send out all pollutants and then also all fossil fuels, by lengthening the dimensional rift. Exavious did not know that the board member that was lobbying to put herself as head of the project was none other than the same board member planning to remove all competition. With fossil fuels out of the way, who could compete?

Naturally, this didn’t exactly run according to plan. One of the scientists, working on the project, observed the effect of prolonging the rift in a small testing chamber. Certain that prolonging it would mean a potential dimensional meltdown, he informed the Board member to see the light. He died in his sleep the next day, and the project was continued. Everything would be fine, if it wasn’t for a timed tape sent to the authorities by the same, dead, scientist. Examart was closed due to investigations. But that didn’t stop the board member. Locking herself up in the construction area, she said that she would blow the entire dimensional rift wide open if anyone went after her.

In a fit of panic at these events, many people went into exile, believing that this BFR will be the end of them all. A small extremist group joined them. This group was called the Prowlers, a small secret society, who wanted nothing more than to live in secrecy in the tunnels surrounding Exile. The perfect people to use to get to the underground BFR, not far away. The Military Extremist group, the Shadow Roses, used the Prowlers and the Exile to get to this reactor, boycotting it. They placed a small fuse, short-circuiting it. They would have been fine, and everything would have been prevented, if not for a small little technology, not planned in the blueprint, was added by the Board Member. A manual fuse.

This fuse, which bypassed the usual and sabotaged entry path, could be used to hotwire the entire thing to blow. It could also be used to bypass the sabotage. On the day of the activation, the BFR started. It never stopped. The short circuit was instead of keeping the energy out, keeping the energy in. An infinite siphon loop was created, continuously sucking out energy from the other world, and replacing it with the mass here. Our world was quietly being taken out, molecule by molecule, and replaced with pure energy. We wouldn’t be alive here, right now, it if wasn’t for the fail saves put into the device. Since we were partially made of Carbon, we couldn’t possibly just let it take out all carbon. We made sure that it would not siphon any humans. So, when the rift opened, we weren’t taken out one molecule at a time. We went in as a whole.

Now, we’re in a new world, in a new place, but there are a lot of changes. Exavious, the previous CEO, resigned from his high chair, believing that all this corporate shenanigans is nothing for him, and he would rather live a more peaceful life. The government decided to revamp the current governing system. But these are all minor things. Things are different on a molecular level too.

Firstly, the basics of any dimension. There are basic things any dimension have, the smaller molecules, like Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and stuff similar to that. It’s impossible for a dimension to have sentient life without it, and it’s impossible to be sent to any dimension without sentient life. Other similarities exist too, such as Iron. Diamonds are compressed coals, and coal is made out of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen too. Many things we had in the other world exist there too, and redstone, a substance only known to our dimension, was simply transferred over. The only difference is Gold.

The common dimensional item for global value is one with atomic number 79. Anything with atomic number 79 is valued by the people living there. In our world it was Gold. But in the New World, this is a strange, gem-like item, which we named Emeralds, due to their similarities. The only difference is that the gem is a gem, not made out of one atomic structure. This was. It was made purely from atomic number 79. And it conflicted with Gold. The gold we managed to transfer here isn’t really of this dimension. It is unstable at best. Gold can become incorporable within moments, and simply disappear within days, or could stay there for hours. It became dubbed the 78.5th Atom, due to it not being a full atom anymore. With gold losing its property as a reliable metal, many people forsook it, and instead wanted to take upon emeralds. But not a single person had any.

So the clever leaders of the government decided that it was time for a representational currency. Hence, the birth of EmerDollars.

Now, this might explain almost everything but one thing. The place where every person of the last world appeared. The place where a great civilization must have first stood. Great and magnificent buildings stand there now, but empty, driven away by the dimensional rift. The area there is not of any dimension anymore, creating a gut-wrenching feeling whenever you are close. People can’t live there anymore. But who were those people? What do they do now? Questions even I can’t answer.

With nothing but a false beauty behind them, people now turn to the horizon to show them the way. Everything is different now. Laws of physics change when traveling through dimensions. The era of the scientists are over. Now is a new era, and I am honored to have been a part of it, even if it is for so short.

Goodbye Stylether……..

Minecraft 1.3.1 Download Released

Free Minecraft 1.3.1 Download

Minecraft 1.3.1 has been released, with many great and long awaited bug fixes and gameplay mechanic changes, emeralds anyone, villager trading ;)

The complete change log is as follows for Minecraft 1.3.1 client and server

Minecraft 1.3.1


+ Single-player now runs a server internally
+ Publish the single-player instance to LAN
+ Automatically detect LAN worlds in multi-player screen
+ Added cheats option in single-player (enables commands)
+ Added bonus chest option to give players a quicker start in a new world
+ Added adventure mode (work in progress)
+ Added trading with villagers
+ Added emeralds, emerald blocks and emerald ore
+ Added cocoa beans to jungles
+ Added the Ender Chest
+ Added tripwires
+ Added new creative mode inventory with search functionality
+ Made it possible to gain enchantment orbs from mining ore and smelting
+ Added writeable books
+ Added large biomes world type
+ Added temples to jungles and deserts
+ Added chat settings
+ Added option to turn off and view snooper data
+ Added more information on the debug screen (F3)
+ New launcher with Play Demo button if not premium user
+ Added /seed command to see map seed
+ Added /defaultgamemode to set default game mode in a world (affects new players)
+ Added /debug command for profiling
+ Added SRV record lookup support


* Decreased max enchantment level from 50 to 30
* The /tp command can now send players to a specific coordinate
* Mobs can spawn on flat surfaces (such as up-side-down stairs)
* Updated language files
* Mobs are much less likely to glitch through blocks
* Server list can be reordered
* Nearby items in the world will auto-stack
* Stars are smaller and brighter
* Sky color in The End has been changed
* The pick block functionality has been improved
* Certain items that previously wasn’t stackable can now be stacked
* Hill biomes are slightly taller
* Wooden log blocks can now be placed side-ways
* Wooden half-blocks now act as wood
* Water slowly drips through leaves during rain
* Minecarts and boats will be placed by dispensers, if possible
* Gravel texture has been modified
* Levers can be placed in the roof
* Creepers’ explosions damage is now modified by difficulty
* Performance improvements
* Other bug fixes…


– Removed Herobrine

If you are looking to get your Minecraft 1.3.1 fix, please join our 1.3.1 minecraft server on minecraftserver.com, we have no whitelist just join and play, however we are running a temp map until bukkit and our plugins update, which we expect will be very soon.

Server and Client Downloads:

Download Minecraft 1.3.1 Client
Download Minecraft 1.3.1 Server

Minecraft 1.3 Download Snapshot: 12w19a

Free Minecraft 1.3 Download

It is Minecraft dev release day again, so the time is now for another development snapshot of Minecraft goodness is freely available for public consumption. Please enjoy this new build of Minecraft 1.3 As always our test server has been updated so feel free to visit, explore and build.

Download Minecraft 1.3 Snapshot Released Version is : 12w19a

  • Added Cocoa Plants to jungles.
  • Added a “large biomes” world type.
  • Added specific names for the different sandstone and smooth stone blocks.
  • Changed Cocoa Beans textures.
  • Torches now spawn around Bonus Chests.
  • Cookies now recover 1 hunger bar.

Bug Fixes

Download Links Minecraft 1.3 Server:

Download Minecraft 1.3 Server

Download Links Minecraft 1.3 Client:

Download Minecraft 1.3 Client

MinecraftServer.com Minecraft 1.3 Dev Servers:

dev.Minecraftserver.com:25588 (Requires Minecraft Client version 1.3)

Updating to the Minecraft 1.3 Snapshot:

When updating, make sure you have made a back-up of your current minecraft.jar in case you want to play Minecraft 1.2.5 again.

This is how: (Windows)
– Press the Windows sign and r on your keyboard.
– In the promptmenu type in ‘%appdata%’ (Without the ”).
– Open .minecraft and go to the folder named ‘bin’.
– Select minecraft.jar and copy, now paste it somewhere you can find it, or paste it in the same folder and rename it.
– Run Minecraft as you normaly would to update.

To play Minecraft 1.2.5 again: (Windows)
– Press the Windows sign and r on your keyboard.
– In the promptmenu type in ‘%appdata%’ (Without the ”).
– Open .minecraft and go to the folder named ‘bin’.
– Delete or rename the file ‘minecraft.jar’.
– Place back now place the copy you made earlier back into the folder and name it minecraft (The extension is .jar and thus is not needed as part of the name)
– Start Minecraft as you normaly would and click Not now when asked to update.

Free Minecraft Server on  dev.minecraftserver.com:25588

Download Minecraft 1.3 Snapshot: 12w17a

Free Minecraft 1.3 Download Download Minecraft 1.3 Snapshot Released Version is : 12w17a Mojang have released another weekly Minecraft 1.3 dev snapshot, we have decided to run a development server allowing players the chance to take a sneak peek at new features for the future release of Minecraft 1.3, we will keep this server up to date with each new development snapshot release. The following game features have been added to Minecraft 1.3so far:

  • Editable Books – Book and Quill, crafted using a Book, Feather, and Ink Sac.
    • When a Book and Quill is made, it can be right-clicked to open a screen that allows you to type the book.
    • Pressing “Done” will save whatever was typed and allow you to edit the book again later, yet will not “sign” it.
    • When “signing” a book, it will allow you to choose a title up to 16 characters long and disable editing of the book. The Book and Quill then becomes a Written Book, with the icon changing along with the label.
  • Wooden slabs for each of the four shades of wood added
    • These new slabs no longer act like stone
      • An axe should be used to break them
      • They are no longer immune to fire and lava
    • New block IDs 125 for double wooden slabs and 126 for single wooden slabs.
    • Wooden slabs created in older versions of Minecraft are still stone-like and fireproof and will not change to the new slabs when placed or mined.
  • Leather is now required to craft Books.
  • Silk touch can now retrieve Ice blocks and Glass Panes.
  • Ice no longer turns into water in the Nether.
  • In the menu, Chat Options were added.
    • Added chat opacity, letting the chat be semi-transparent.
    • Added chat disabling, removing the chat for SMP servers.
    • Added chat colors option.
    • Added “Only Commands” mode to chat.
  • /help added.
  • Tools now have infinite durability in Creative mode.
  • Minecart and boats are destroyed in one hit in Creative mode.
  • Various Bugfixes, some regarding entity collision, the pick block function, and chat.
    • Livestock, such as chickens, can now be “walked through” instead of pushing the player around in crowded pens
  • Flying through water in Creative mode is no longer slow
  • You can no longer have a Bonus Chest in Hardcore mode.
  • Server Commands now appear in italics in SMP.
  • Saplings now have their proper names.

Download Links Minecraft 1.3 Server: Download Minecraft 1.3 Server

Download Links Minecraft 1.3 Client: Download Minecraft 1.3 Client

MinecraftServer.com Minecraft 1.3 Dev Servers: dev.Minecraftserver.com:25588 (Requires Minecraft Client version 1.3)

Updating to the Minecraft 1.3 Snapshot:

When updating, make sure you have made a back-up of your current minecraft.jar in case you want to play Minecraft 1.2.5 again.

This is how: (Windows)

– Press the Windows sign and r on your keyboard.
– In the promptmenu type in ‘%appdata%’ (Without the ”).
– Open .minecraft and go to the folder named ‘bin’.
– Select minecraft.jar and copy, now paste it somewhere you can find it, or paste it in the same folder and rename it.
– Run Minecraft as you normaly would to update.

To play Minecraft 1.2.5 again: (Windows)

- Press the Windows sign and r on your keyboard.
– In the promptmenu type in ‘%appdata%’ (Without the ”).
– Open .minecraft and go to the folder named ‘bin’.
– Delete or rename the file ‘minecraft.jar’.
– Place back now place the copy you made earlier back into the folder and name it minecraft (The extension is .jar and thus is not needed as part of the name)
– Start Minecraft as you normaly would and click Not now when asked to update.

Join us on dev.minecraftserver.com:25588

Minecraft Server Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Minecraft Server Christmas All of the staff at Minecraft Server.com would like to wish our fellow players, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I would personally like to say thanks to all the staff and players who continue to make this a great Minecraft server, We have grown from a small private server to a well known popular destination for Minecraft players.

As for the future we have some great plans for the server in the upcoming year, with many new features and changes we look forward to sharing with you.

As a special Christmas present, all players from today can use the Magic Carpet /mc until the 27th of December 2011 enjoy.

Minecraft 1.0.0 Released

Minecraft 1.0.0 Released

With the official release of Minecraft 1.0.0, and for those of you who are tired of the .jar file shuffle we have now updated the main server over on MinecraftServer.com to the latest 1.0.1 server build, allowing you to connect with your 1.0.0 Minecraft clients. The server is running the most current development build of bukkit. However please note that a recommended build of bukkit does not yet exist for Minecraft 1.0.0 and bugs will still exist.

The majority of the bukkit plugins we rely on are also fully functioning, so it was time to make this official post, the Minecraft 1.9 pre-release servers have been closed, also our transitional Minecraft 1.8.1 server has now been shutdown. All players should update to Minecraft 1.0.0 client to play on the server.

The map has also been increased in size to 10,000 x 10,000 blocks allowing us to take advantage of the new terrain types introduced with the release of Minecraft 1.0.0

We have a number of exciting changes planned for Minecraft Server however the majority will not be integrated until we have a reccomended bukkit build.

Key updates for Minecraft 1.0.0 are below:

Minecraft 1.0
+ Added animal breeding
+ Added mushroom islands
+ Added nether structures (fortresses)
+ Added nether mobs and new item drops
+ Added snow biome + Made swamps prettier
+ Added villagers in villages
+ Added craftable snow golems
+ Added potions and potion brewing
+ Added item enchantments
+ Added mooshrooms
+ Added The End
+ Added new achievements
+ Added many new items
+ Added video settings for clouds and particles
+ Added 32 bit java warning
+ Updated sound effects
+ Added hardcore mode (when you die the world is lost)

* Made chunk saving multi threaded
* Severely reduced the number of block types Endermen can carry
* Fixed endermen look-at calculation in mulitplayer
* Fixed lights under water not removing properly
* Fixed a dependency on OpenGL 1.3.
* Fixed lava spreading down into water
* Fixed paintings being lit wrong
* Changed armor calculation
* Fixed paintings being lit incorrectly
* Fixed a few blocks (fences, for example) being lit incorrectly when placed under/next to other blocks
* Minor tweaks to textures
* Re-added the ability to view oneself from the front by pressing F5

– Removed Herobrine

Minecraft: Pocket Edition arrives on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Download Now

Download iOS Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft will be released on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices later today, this is a trimmed down Pocket Edition of the game. This tiny pocket version is similar to the original Minecraft creative mode. You can create a randomly generated sandbox world to build in, 36 block types are given to you in unlimited amounts allowing you to go wild and build what ever your heart desires.

The only down side is that no adventure or survival mode are available, however it is a tight creative Minecraft experience and well worth the download if you are a Minecraft creative building fan.

Fear not Minecraft Pocket Edition is a universal app allowing your to use it on an iPad and iPhone is you have both devices. The iPad really does make this a great creative experience.

Minecraft Pocket Edition:

  • Released: Nov 17, 2011
  • Version: 0.1.2
  • Size: 2.9 MB
  • Price: $6.99

Minecraft Pocket Edition Download