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The Building of a Server; The Making of History

One of the many things that we here at MinecraftServer enjoy is the building of a server.

The creation of a new world. The building of a spawn. The first wide-eyed looks of newcomers as they figure out which direction they should head in to build their first dirt shack.

The hours and hours of work that go into plugin management and rule creation only to have people challenge, break, and strain our servers to their very limits 20 minutes later.

But one thing we tend to forget, as minecraft comes of age, is the different maps that we have gone through together. This is now our 5th Blackreaver Map (BR5 for short). We’ve gone through all the motions before, and we’re sure to go through them again if the Minecraft team decide to change the game significantly again; but that is a topic for another day.

Today, we wish to show you the history of our previous map – Cryinia – possibly one of our “defining maps” as a server. The one where we changed everything and challenged traditions established in earlier maps. The one where economy was backed, the one where plots were standard-sized, the one where you all thought you’d be able to transfer over some materials from the previous map only to have WG corrupt the data.

Today, we present to you, our builders and guests, the history of Cryinia, BR4, as presented from the viewpoint of one of our previous admins, DavidTheMerc:

The History of Cryinia

Please note that some or all events described here-in are at artistic license and are only 99% factual.